Friday, January 8, 2010

a post for my husband

i shared this story with allen the other night and he said, "you have to blog that! its great!"
i dont really want to blog it, because its embarrasing to me, but it is funny so.....

the kids and i were in colbys room a few days ago. we had done colbys school work in there that day, but had finished up and were playing on the floor.
i passed gass, tooted, farted, whatever you want to call it (eek, i hate putting this into print), and it was loud; not my, if you will. colby turned and looked back real fast to where i was sitting with big eyes and i said,
me: "excuse me!!"
colby: "mommy, that was you?!?"
me: "yes, it was me, colby."
colby: "oh, i thought daddy was home. he's the only one that toots like that!"

there ya go, allen. now we can remeber this forever.


sara said...

that is great!!!

oh, those kids keep us humble!

Dawn said...

Oh, my... LOL

And my kids think we're the ONLY family IN. THE. WORLD. that has these things happen.

H-Mama said...

and now you have this memory preserved forever... for all. too funny!

isn't it funny when the family starts suggesting posts for the blog? ;)

Cathy said...

That is absolutely hysterical and I'm so glad you posted it!