Friday, January 15, 2010

im a heartbraker...dont you mess around with me

sorry, i couldnt resist that last part. and now i'm singing the song. dang it.
ok, i was putting colby to bed tonight and as i was leaving he said
colby: "wait mommy! i have to tell you something."
me: "ok, what is it?"
colby: (starts to tear up and wipes his eyes) "i love you so much."
me: "i love you too baby."
colby: "when you're with me it feels like theres a heart around me, but when you leave it feels like the heart is breaking."

this is all said on the verge of crying. he is the sweetest little thing. or hes a freakishly talented 5-year-old actor. at any rate i stayed a little bit longer and loved on my sweet boy.
tomorrow i will look into acting classes.
kidding, kidding.

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H-Mama said...

oh my goodness... that is just the sweetest! i love moments like that!