Monday, April 25, 2011

dreams really dont come true

this was the conversation between colby and molly in the car today.

molly: "colby, dreams dont really come true, you know."
colby: "why?"
molly: "they just dont. they just dont come true."
colby: "like what kind of dreams?"
molly: "well, my dream is to be a princess, but im not really."
colby: "why?"
molly: "im just not ever going to be a princess."
colby: "but youre kind and youre nice."
molly: "i just want to be nice!"
colby: "molly, kind and nice are the same thing."
molly: "oh, ok."
colby: "you kind and nice, and princesses are kind and nice.....and princesses can dance really good."
molly: "like a ballerina! like ballerina princesses!"
colby: "yeah, like a ballerina, and youre learning to dance like a ballerina, so youre working on that one."
molly: "yes, i am in my dance class."
colby: "so thats good."
molly: "but im not ever going to be a real princess. until we go to disney. thats where all your dreams come true. mommy, can we go to disney so i can learn to be a real princess?"

i dont know where they come up with this stuff. its hilarious.

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