Saturday, April 23, 2011

threesixfive, days 104 thru 110

its been a fun, fast, full week. i promise i didnt mean to use all those f's. it just worked out that way.
it was spiritual emphasis week at the academy at our church, and i was part of the worship team asked to lead.
i was up at the school each day from 12:30 to about 2:00. i love doing it, though, so it was a lot of fun.
allen is in charge of chapel services at the academy, so he got a friend of his whos a youth minister a couple hours away to come a speak this week. he stayed with us, and broke in our new guest bedroom.
theres still plenty that needs to be done to finish out the bedroom and whats now the school room/office (formerly the dining room), but we like the new setup.
allen left thursday afternoon when the last chapel service was over to drive about 4 (or 5) hours south where he was the speaker at a youth event down there.
he will get back late tonight (around 2am).
i've been flying solo with the kids for the past few days but we've had fun.
my week was much more exciting than my pictures are. im dissappointed in my lack of effort this week, but at any rate, here they are....

sunday, day 104
heres a shot of the new, not yet finished schoolroom. we decided to keep the dining room table and just take the leaves out, so its a great size for colby and molly to sit and do their work, if we ever get to that point. right now we do everything on the floor. BUT, i didnt have to get rid of my dining room set that i LOVE. we still need a big bookshelf so we can get rid of the white drawer things, and eventually we'll frame out the opening and add french doors.

monday, day 105
day 1 of spiritual emphasis week. we took bj (the speaker) to dinner at tokyo steakhouse. it one of those places where they cook the food at the table. super fun.

tuesday, day 106
i saw this liscense plate and had to get a picture. so many questions....

wednesday, day 107
time to feed the frog! we put 5 or 6 crickets in once a week.

thursday, day 108
while my parents had the kids, i went and got the stuff for their easter baskets.

friday, day 109
colby and molly opted for their matching round rock express nightshirts for bedtime and asked if i would take a picture of them together. so cute.

saturday, day 110
i just took this picture about ten minutes ago. its what i'll be tackling after i post this blog entry!!

have a blessed Easter sunday! we're having my family, and our friends the lamberts over for lunch and an egg hunt tomorrow after church. i hope you get some good time with your families as well!


The Cyber Hermit said...

I *love* the wall color in your room photo!

Tokyo Steakhouse looked fun. Enjoy the putting together of the Easter baskets!

Sara, Luke, and Brooklyn said...

Happy Easter Frans Clan!!


I loved the ductape tag...I too have to shoot them when I find them. Some of them are fascinating. Loved your week...thanks for sharing. Have a blessed Easter.

RaD said...

I didn't stuff near as many eggs this year. Have fun with that!

I love going to those places where they cook the food right in front of you. Did they perform too?

Have a Happy Easter!

sara said...

Of course, the ductape license plate of from Arkansas! go figure!!!

Here my kids are grown and STILL love getting their Easter baskets!

The Bug said...

Well, duct tape can fix anything so I guess I can see why someone would want that on their license plate :)

Your kids are too cute in their matching shirts!

Mimi said...

You schoolroom looks fantastic!

I hope you had a blessed Easter.

Have a good week,

McCrakensx4 said...

Loving the funness of the plastic egg picture! And your school room is looking great. Hope you had a blessed Easter and LOVE your new header pic!

rita said...

Fun schoolroom, and week. Keep up the good work!