Sunday, April 10, 2011

threesixfive, days 91 thru 97

it was a great week here at the frans casa. allens first week back to work in a month went well for all involved. we missed him around here, but fell back into our routine pretty well for the most part. allergies kept us indoors a couple days (me and colby), but other than that it was a normal week.

sunday, day 91

molly was playing with my camera and decided she wanted a family picture. my camera has a timer, but it was so funny watching her push the button and try to run and get in the picture, that i didnt set it. there is a slight delay, so its possible. she finally got one, but i posted a few so you can see some of the 'no's'. you can also see where colby finally had enough with posing.

monday, day 92

my friend dawn gave these to me a couple of months ago, and i finally unboxed them and set them out. she has a set and she fills them with different things, usually seasonal. i love the way the jellybeans look, but its a challenge to not eat them!! just a couple more weeks.....

tuesday, day 93

we went to the park for a couple hours. colby made a friend and was playing hide and seek. hes 'whisper-yelling' at me to stop taking his picture or i'll give away his hiding spot.

wednesday, day 94

nothing like a new box of crayons.

thursday, day 95

my best guy friend from high school turns 30 on tuesday, and his wife is putting together a picture collage of all his friends doing something with the number 30. this is one of the pictures we took. we also did one with sidewalk chalk, and took one in front of a 30mph sign.

friday, day 96

spent a couple hours at the pool. i mentioned needing a picture for the day, and colby insisted on me posing with him in front of the water. then he didnt even look at the camera!! grrr.

saturday, day 97

this is one of my favorite movies; easily in my top 3. i watched is saturday for the first time in many years, and laughed just as hard as i ever have.

have a blessed week!!


Dawn said...

Look like it was a good first week back in the groove of "normal." Glad you're enjoying the candle holders - can you believe I don't have mine out and filled with jelly beans??? I'd better pick some up in the next day or so or it will be too late.

LuAnn said...

love the family timer pictures -
and who doesn't enjoy new crayons.
Very creative with the 30 too.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a good week. love the new crayon picture and the the jelly beans too.

Mimi said...

Now I want a new box of crayons!


Tiffany said...

What a fun week! May I say what a hot bathing suit mama your Colby has? Looking good lady!

sara said...

oh my gosh, I LOVE those first few pictures!!! what a fun story they tell!! ....and your hair is getting so long!!! beautiful!

3 amigos, great movie!!!!

The Bug said...

Oh I absolutely love the timer pictures - too cute! They'd make good Christmas card pictures I think :)

And ooh la la at the swimsuit picture - you don't look like you indulge in jelly beans that often. Heh.

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week.What a fun and creative way to remember a birthday! And those family shots are priceless! I used to have candle holders like those and filled them with seasonal candy as well! And new crayons are the absolute BEST!

rita said...

Molly even dressed up for the family pic. Too bad about the uncooperative family member ;)
Love the jellybeans and crayons pics!
Fun 30. Reminds me of teaching the letters like that to my 5 little Hispanic kindergartners. Most of the time they could not lay still for a decent photo.
Swimsuit model-hot! :)