Saturday, April 16, 2011

threesixfive, days 98 thru 103

i'll get right to it!

sunday, day 98

youth guru jim burns was here to do an understanding your teenager conference. it was fantastic!! and we got to hang out with him sunday afternoon; hes such a nice man!

monday, day 99

i was baking all day in preparation for tuesday.....

tuesday, day 100

i hosted a coffee party for the co-op moms tuesday night. we had 6 different coffees from all over the world i had been collecting for the past several months from missionaries, or people at our church that travel. this is kimberly with her tasting cups. oh, and ethiopia was the favorite!

wednesday, day 101

i treated myself to some gerber daisies. so pretty!

thursday, day 102

bluebonnet pictures; a texas must! my friend zach took some great ones that i'll post when i get them!

friday, day 103

i went to the RRHS spring show to support some of our youth girls that participate in drill team and dance. i love going every year, but it makes me want to dance again!

saturday, day 104

we're doing an overhaul here at the house. the dining room is becoming the school room and the school room is becoming a guest bedroom. we've been running around all day to get the stuff we need for the transition. molly got buried under pillows at target!

this will be a very full and busy week! i'll be finishing up the room changes, we'll have a guest with us this week (the speaker for spiritual emphasis week at the academy at our church), and easter is a week away! have a blessed week! see you next time!


The Cyber Hermit said...

The bluebonnet picture is so sweet. Can't wait to see more of them. And Molly's mischievous smile always makes me smile.

LuAnn said...

I love bluebonnets !!!

You will have to show us the two rooms when you are done.

Happy Holy Week !!!

Kim said...

You can sure pack a lot into 7 days! Look forward to seeing the "new" room photos :)

Great pictures this week. Molly in the cart is too cute! And love the kids in the field of bluebonnets. Precious!

Have a wonderful, fruitful week :)

sara said...

I still just love your red sink!!!! I really want one!

I miss the bluebonnets!!! can't wait to see the pictures!

We changed up a guest room this week brother is coming to visit for Easter weekend!!

Lisa said...

Love that red sink!! Can't wait to see what you do with the house. Always fun to have a project going.

Bluebonnets are absolutely fun and beautiful!

McCrakensx4 said...

love love love your red sink (my kit is red black and white) And love love love gerbera most favoriest flower! What a fun room change; hope it all works well and Target is so much fun to shop at! The bluebonnet pic of the kids walking away is the cutest...

RaD said...

Whoa! Busy week ahead. I hope you get the room converted to your liking.

Those daisies were pretty. I've just recently learned of your Texas tradition with bluebonnets as I've seen a lot of pictures this past week. Your picture is a cute one!

Mimi said...

The bluebonnets look beautiful. It sounds like a full and fun week ahead. I love changing rooms around.


The Bug said...

Love your daisy & bluebonnet pictures - they really lift my spirits.

I think the coffee thing is a great idea - although I don't like coffee, I would have just eaten the baked goods :)

Tiffany said...

Gerber daisies are my favorite too!

And I love that pillow pic. My girls beg to be covered when we go to the store.


I love Gerber Daisies. So did my mom. I made sure they put a lot in her blanket.