Friday, April 22, 2011

make it easy

just a couple of funny things that happened today with the kids...

I heard colby say
colby: im going to count to 100 from 10!
me: why are you starting at 10?
colby: it's just easier.

I've always thought the first 9 numbers were a hassle too. so overrated.

the kids made a pile of toys, and then decided to wrestle for them. whoever wins gets the toys. after about 5 solid minutes of wrestling, like rolling around on the floor, trying to pin each other, colby says.
colby: maybe we should just flip a coin. that would be a lot easier. this just isn't working.
then when they went to flip the coin, instead of heads or tails, it was president or bird. :-)

hope everyone is enjoying Good Friday! allens out of town at a speaking engagement until late Saturday night, or very very early Sunday morning, as it were, so the kids and I are trying to stay occupied.
so far today we've made a bird feeder, a fort in the living room, and (I've) cleaned the floors and done laundry. I think baking cookies is on the agenda as well.

have a blessed weekend!

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