Wednesday, April 6, 2011

silent screaming

so, being a parent is awesome, right?
you have this precious child, who cuddles with you, gives free hugs and kisses, and thinks youre pretty much the greatest person on the planet. most of the time.
you get to experience their firsts. from the first time they roll over to their first lost tooth, and eventually first job, first date, first car, etc.
i love my kids with all my heart.
i'm so proud of them, and so proud to be colbys mommy and mollys mommy. i want to bless them. i want to take them for ice cream, and let them stay up late becuase we've had such a great day that i dont want it to end.
i want to take them to do something theyve never done before just so i can watch them experience it for the first time.

but sometimes they dont deserve it!
sometimes, im finding, i really want to do something nice, but i cant because theyve been acting like toots all day!
this has been the recent development at our house. we've been working on being thankful for what you have, or what youre given; not expecting more, or pouting becuase its not the color you wanted. hey, i'm sorry you're balloon is white, not red. but theres kids in china that dont have balloons.
be grateful!!!
this happens much more often with molly than with colby, and we've decided that we're going to have to start being more intentional in teaching her what it is to be grateful, which will mean times of her having some things taken away. such a hard lesson to learn, and a hard one to teach too!! they're also learning more and more how to really push each others buttons. they mess with each other just for the sake of irritating them! seriously?!?
i'm an only child, so all this sibling...ness, is completely over my head. i'm experiencing it fir the first time through my kids. and my mom just looks at me and shrugs, like, 'i got nuthin.'
so, we've had to start having talking time outs, specifically in the car. they'll get so worked up, and always when i'm driving it seems, that they just start screaming. literally. so i say, "ok, thats it. youve lost talking priviledges. no sound at all for 5 minutes." this happens on a very regular basis, but the other day i looked in my rearview mirror, and saw colby silent yelling. technically, he was following directions, but man, he was yelling in spirit. then molly joined in too, when i didnt say anything. i pulled out my camera and caught some of the action. they saw me filming, so it became kind of silly yelling, but you get the idea.

Lord, help me.

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Dawn said...

Obedience in action is the easier... obedience in attitude much harder. But, either way it's obedience or disobedience. Not the fun stuff of parenting. My sister is almost 6 years younger than me so I was pretty much an only child in that I was always in a different stage of life than her. So, the "he's touching me" -type stuff would just about send me over the edge some days, too.

You are handling it very well - don't get discouraged. Stick to your guns - it eventually pays off. So I've been told! Ha!