Saturday, August 6, 2011

threesixfive, days 209 thru 215

it was a very hot, sweaty week. we need rain!!!
we stayed indoors unless we were in a pool, which we were several times.

sunday, day 209
this is what sunday afternoons were made for.

monday, day 210

push pops on a 108 degree day? yes, please!

tuesday, day 211

i got this dessert recipe off another blog. its basically smores in a pan. oh. my. goodness. it was warm and gooey and delicious!

wednesday, day 212

ah, the spoils of being the youth pastors kids; leftover youth event food. these should last us a few days.

thursday, day 213
lunchtime at the pool. not sure what that look on his face is about.

friday, day 214

we had a double date friday evening with our friends jeff and melissa. the two of them and myself have seen labyrinth (its melissas favorite), but allen never had, so jeff decided there needed to be an intervention. if allen was going to continue being their friend, labyrinth needed to be on his list of "movies ive seen". nothing like a jim henson movie with david bowie, bad acting, and horrible CGI effects. a true cult classic.

saturday, day 215

two of my very favorite people. :-)

we're going to be out of town next weekend, so i wont get to post till sunday evening next week.
stay safe and dont melt!!!
have a blessed week!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Labyrinth! David Bowie and the inappropriately tight pants! *g*

Love the Sunday afternoon pic. It is definitely what that part of the day is for.

sara said...

I have never seen Labyrinth...

And I agree...Sunday afternoons are made for naps!!! by the pool...even better!

The Bug said...

Love the picture of Molly sitting on her dad - too cute!

Well, after yours & TCH's stellar recommendations I'm going to add Labyrinth to my movie list :)

RaD said...

Looks like you did your best to stay cool this week! I saw Labyrinth when I was a kid and I only remember two things about it now, the baby crawling upside down, and odd singing!

rita said...

We got our Sunday naps in today too, not usual.
Pastor's kids loot :)
Gooey Smores, no recipe?
Have a great, great week away!