Saturday, August 20, 2011

threesixfive, days 223 thru 229

we're gearing up for school around here. i did three days with colby this week and we'll probably stick to that till september. we've been doing pretty much phonics only, a little math here and there. i finally opened and went thru the box of curriculum for this year. it looks pretty great. i'm excited about it.
heres the week...

sunday, day 223
i took this of molly playing on colbys bed. shes a cutie.

monday, day 224

allen and molly havent had a 5D (daddy daughter dunkin donut day) since may, so he was going to take her monday morning, and take colby tuesday morning. when he asked molly about it sunday evening, though, she wanted colby and i to go with them and make it a family event. so breakfast was at dunkin donuts monday morning. i was trying to get a picture of colby eating his donut, but this is the best he would give me. always a comedian.

tuesday, day 225
the 1st grade curriculum! hooray!!

wedensday, day 226

after a ridiculous fiasco, way too long to go into on here, i got a new phone! its a samsung replenish. i love it!

thursday, day 227

allens cousin justin was in town this week, and stayed with us a few nights. the kids loved getting to spend some time with him in the mornings before he headed out for the day.

friday, day 228

i had a picture of molly with, like, 4 headbands on, but it wouldnt upload. :-(

just know the girls hair is out of control.

saturday, day 229

we went to a 1 year old bday party today, and this was the cake for him to devour in his highchair. there was another one that was equally as cool that looked like a big dr seuss book. brandon (the dad) made them. like, rolled the fondant and cut out the shapes, and the whole shootin' match. crazy good.

try to keep cool! we've been hovering around 104, give or take, and no rain in a few months at least. maybe longer. :-/

have a fantastic week!


LuAnn said...

Love the Dunkin Donut day. I think we should all of one of those at least once a week.

Have a fun school yr. Phil starts Monday.

The Bug said...

That Molly IS a cutie - too bad the headband pic didn't load. LOVE the Dr. Seuss cake! That is some serious talent.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week!

Enjoy that new phone!

Sometimes I have good luck with YouTube for new knitting stitches. That's where I found the new stitch I posted about today. They have a lot of instructional video's about how to learn how to knit, how to cast on etc....just type in "knitting instruction" or "learning how to knit" and you will find lots of tutorials.

But having someone to sit by is very helpful as well. I know I always get into a spot where I need some one on one instruction....

Have a great week!


Love the Seuss cake....too cute! Your week looked full and fun. I think there should be a Dunkin Donut day every week.

semperfi said...

What a neat cake!!! I use to get so excited when our school books would come, miss those days. Both my boys are in college now. Have a great week.

rita said...

Fun week. Enjoyed your pics and stories, especially the previous post ;)