Wednesday, August 17, 2011

bad timing

its been several weeks since this happened, but its a story i have to share, or i risk forgetting it someday.
colby and i were in the bathroom together. he was peeing, i was hanging some towels up or something like that.
colby: i have two balls.
me: (long pause) well....yes you do. God made you that way.
colby: what?
me: you were born that way....with two....balls. (really? why are we even talking about this?)
colby: no i wasnt. i got them from mimi.
me: what? wait, what are you talking about?
colby: my bouncy balls that light up. mimi gave me two of them.
me: oh.
colby: what are you talking about?
me: nevermind.
sure enough he had just spent a week with mimi and came home with two rubber balls that light up when you bounce them. he just picked a terribly awkward and ironic time to talk about them.

not to be out done though, molly was with my mom the other day and apparently she wasnt eating much at dinner. unusual for her; she usually eats very very well.
my mom: molly why arent you eating a good dinner? are you not hungry?
molly: my eating arm is tired.
colby: just use your other one! you have two!
not sure how that ended, but it got some good laughs. my mom said molly was completely serious. her "eating arm" was worn out, so dinner was just not going to be an option for her.
she cracks me up.


sara said...

oh my word, I am laughing so hard!

Dawn said...

I love your kids! Your stories always remind me of conversations and events with my own when they were the same age.

I enjoyed catching up with you on Wednesday evening! Looking forward to getting together again soon.

Anonymous said...

I have 5 kids so I can appreciate the humor. The '2 balls' story really cracked me up. Nice blog. :)