Monday, August 15, 2011

threesixfive, days 216 thru 222

this week flew by. we had a 6th grade event at church monday thru wednesday to more or less promote them into the youth ministry and i was in charge of the event on tuesday (hiking). my mother in law has been looking for a couple days to come down to take the kids shopping for their new bedspreads (her contribution to their room re-dos), and we needed someone to watch the kids tuesday so i could lead the hike, so we killed two birds with one stone and she was here to do all of the above monday thru wednesday.

sorry im just now getting this up. allen and i were at a marriage retreat friday thru sunday. we were in town (so we got to sleep in our own bed), but i just havent had a chance to get this done till now.


sunday, day 216

although colby has two perfectly good beds in his room, his sleeping spot of choice for the past several days has been his beanbag chair. a couple weeks ago he slept on his floor for three or four nights "because he likes it".

monday, day 217

i finished this book in about 8 days. SO GOOD! i cant wait to see the movie!

tuesday, day 218

we took a group of seventeen 6th graders, plus sponsors (25 in all) for a 5 mile hike. it was HOT.

wednesday, day 219

mimi bought the kids a craft activity to do while she was here with them all day tuesday. they picked out these little bead things. i used to make magnets out of these when i was a kid....i think i know what the kids will be making for christmas presents this year. :-)

thursday, day 220

mollys new bedspread. im kind of jealous.

friday, day 221
colbys new bedspread with a molly in the way. you cant really tell, but it has rocket ships and planets on it, and all the white lines glow in the dark.

saturday, day 222

i came home and this little guy was in our yard. the kids have been talking to him; trying to find out where he came from. im sure he'll get a name at some point.

we're starting school this week....i think. :-/

it will probably be another couple weeks before we're back into the 'school every day' routine.

i have to take baby steps.

when does school start for ya'll?

have a blessed week!


The Bug said...

Bonus gnome! How cute! I might want one of those too.

Since I don't have kids I don't have an opinion about when school should start, but as a former student I say September! And then take November & December off. Ha.

sara said...

the help....sooooo good. And the movie was GREAT!

no clue where the gnome came from? interesting!!!