Thursday, August 25, 2011

my kids are so hip

i dont know if its being around teenagers a lot, or because i'm so awesome (note the sarcasm), but my kids are pretty stinkin cool.
in the years since colby started talking, the students have enjoyed teaching both molly and colby things to say that they think would be hilarious to hear out of the mouths of small people.
for example, we came back from senior trip one year, and i had to listen to my three year old, for the next several weeks, say things like "i'm spicy!" (thanks to the old taco bell commercial), and "i'm a balla," which is admitedly funny.

anyway, so two things have happened in the last twenty four hours that make me think to myself, 'seriously? where are you getting this, kid?'

we were sitting on the couch yesterday. i was reading a book, and molly was playing with her dolls. out of nowhere she starts singing the thermos song from the classic steve martin movie 'the jerk'. now, this is absolutely one of my top 5 favorite movies (which probably says a lot about me and my bizarre sense of humor), however i havent seen it in quite a few years and molly certainly hasnt seen it. at any rate, it pretty much made my day. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, heres a sound clip. i couldnt find the movie clip on youtube, unfortunately.

today i was doing school with colby, and i was looking over his spelling list he'd just finished. on one of his words, he wrote the 'c' backwards, which is weird for him. he gets b's and d's confused, and the occasional g or other random letter, but never c's. thats what his name starts with for crying out loud!
me: colby, your c is backwards! what happened?
colby: i just thought i'd write it that way. it looks better in the word.
me: well, you cant just pick which way you want it to face. c's always look the same.
colby: thats just how i roll.
end of conversation. i was laughing too hard to say anything else about it.

and just for grins, because now i'm really wanting to watch it, another clip from the jerk. :-)


The Bug said...

Your kids really are the most hilarious children - I love that you share what they say :)

sara said...

oh my word, that Colby is hilarious!!