Friday, October 28, 2011

happy birthday colby!!

my little man turns 7 today! well, actually not officially until 9:35 tonight...or maybe its 9:37, but you get the idea.

we had co-op this morning, and i let him wear a "birthday boy" pin on his shirt i'd kept from last year. he made sure to point it out to anyone and everyone who happened to be in the room with him. or walking by....or within earshot.

after co-op he picked chick-fil-a for lunch, praise the Lord. i was dreading, er, i mean anticipating a trip to mcdonalds.

when we got to chick-fil-a i immediately took them to the restroom to get that little adventure out of the way and get their hands washed. i sent colby into the mens room and waited outside the door. when he came out he had a big wet spot on his pants and informed me he had pee'd on himself, offering a demonstration of how it happened. i passed.

at first i thought, no big deal, we'll eat, they'll play, it'll dry. but walking behind him thru the restaraunt i could smell him, and people were looking. i didnt want to be the mom that let her kid play in the playscape with pee all over his pants. on his birthday.

so we went home (about a 10 minute drive), changed his pants, and went back up there.
from there we went to meet allen, and parents, and my grandparents for fro-yo and presents.

after that we made a quick stop at the grocery store to get stuff for dinner. colby wanted me to make him a pepperoni pizza. we came home, he and molly played with his new toys (after i spent a good twenty minutes opening the boxes and untwisting all those infuriating twisty tie things), and now the pizza is being consumed as they watch a movie before bed (madagascar; his choice). i'd say it was a successful day. mollys birthday is in 10 days, so we get to do it all again pretty soon.

i asked colby earlier

me: colby are you enjoying your birthday? has it been a great day?

colby: YES!! well, except the part where i pee'd on myself.

is it bad that my first thought was 'hmm...i wonder if we'll have this same conversation in another 50 or so years, only the other way around'?

colby in 50ish years: mom, are you enjoying your birthday? has it been a great day?

me at about 85 years old: YES!! well, except the part where i pee'd on myself.


Dawn said...

I love your sense of humor... you never fail to crack me up!!!

It sounds like a great day... except for that one little part. ;)

The Bug said...

LOL - sadly it could happen :)

Happy birthday to Colby!