Monday, October 10, 2011

threesixfive...late, days 272 thru 278

so this is a couple days not sure where my week went! saturday was super full, and then molly came down with 102 fever saturday evening keeping us home from church on sunday. im not sure why i didnt post sunday afternoon. but i'm doing it now!!

sunday, day 272
we got our fall decorations put up. i dont have many, but i like the way my mantle looks every year.

monday, day 273

we took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch to make our selections. we usually do pictures, but as you can probably see from what the kids are wearing, it was too warm to dress for fall, so we'll have to go back when it cools off.

tuesday, day 274
my friend april gave me a pretty leaf platter. i filled it with mini pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, although i could have gone with 2 or 3 more.

wednesday, day 275
silly glasses night at awanas

thursday, day 276
the church craft fair is saturday, and i'm trying to finish up this christmas fabric wreath. i'll be taking orders for both fall and christmas.

friday, day 277

my theatre class at the co-op started working on the christmas skit today. we read thru it a couple times, and next week i'll assign parts.

saturday, day 278
after a birthday party this morning we headed to fredericksburg for the log cabin days festival at the pioneer museum. we went last year and loved it, so i made a point for us to go back this year. here the kids are sitting in desks of the original school house in fresericksburg, dating back to the 1800's.

as i said earlier, molly started feeling bad on saturday evening. on our way home she was kind of cranky and tired (more than i would expect from a full day and long car ride). as i was helping her get her pajamas on i noticed she felt pretty hot, and sure enough she had a temp of 102. we stayed in all day sunday and today (monday) she seems to be back to herself. allen and i leave saturday afternoon for our belated anniversary trip to maine!! i'm hoping a) that we all stay healthy! and b) to get my pictures up saturday morning before we leave. i can link up from my ipad later, but i'll need to get the post up before we're gone.

have a great week! i'll be doing laundry and packing. :-)


The Bug said...

I'm glad Molly's feeling better - I know that I always get cranky with a fever too.

Love your mantle - and the clock is fabulous!

sara said...

so glad Molly is better and I will be praying no one else gets it before you leave!! We have been a bit puny around here too.

I am so excited for your trip to Maine and can't wait to hear about it!!! Please think of me when you have lobster!!!