Saturday, October 22, 2011

threesixfive, days 286 thru 291

we spent most of the week in maine for our 10th wedding anniversary. we arrived late saturday night, and flew home thursday. i posted several pictures from the trip friday afternoon--its the previous post if you want to check them out. we had a fabulous time and everything was beautiful! these pictures are different from the ones i posted yesterday--except saturdays pic because its the only one i took.

sunday, day 286
we slept in on sunday and spent the afternoon exploring the little town we stayed in. there were hundreds of gorgeous houses, but something about this one hit me and i had to take a picture. sigh....i have house envy.

monday, day 286
walking down to the beach was this fence with ropes and pieces of net tied to it. different things that had washed up on the beach. people removed it so it wouldnt get pulled back out to sea.

tuesday, day 287
i kept seeing these trees--yellow birch i think. they were shedding and the bark looked a goldish silvery color when the light hit it. i was fascinated.

wednesday, day 288

another house picture. this one is more because of the halloween decor. we noticed houses overall really get in to decorating for halloween; ghots, spiders, witches, orange lights, etc. i love that the porch steps are covered in pumpkins and flowers.

thursday, day 289

i mentioned in the previous post how much i love food network. before we flew out thursday (from boston), we found roxys gourmet grilled cheese truck (from food truck race) and had truffle fries and two delicious sandwiches.

friday, day 290
we had to bring a little bit of maine home with us. if youve never had a whoopie pie, you must! we stopped wedensday night at the grocery store and loaded up on these little beauties. delish.

saturday, day 291

we hit a few fall festivals in the area saturday morning and afternoon. one of them had a mobile butterfly house. pretty stinkin cool. definitely the best thing we saw all day.

i think we've recovered from the vacation and caught up on everything that needed catching up on (pet care, laundry, bills, all that glamorous stuff). tomorrow starts another week. i hope its a fabulous one for you!


sara said...

love that first house!!! so quaint.

But the second house gives me the creeps!!! I don't like any kind of spiders and sheesh, they are ALL over the house!!! yuck!

Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful time!!!


Loved that house too...second one is creepy. Looks like a fun time for you...and loved the photos. Great shots.

semperfi said...

I love both houses. How neat!! I now have house envy too.

LuAnn said...

I also love the first house - looks like you had a great time.

Dawn said...

Ahh... I think I could live in New England... well, until I was snowed in anyway. Then, I'd be wishing for Texas again! Ha!

Excited to get with you this week and hear all about the trip.

Be blessed, my friend!

The Bug said...

What a fun trip! I read Friday's post too - you got some good pictures. But I think the winner is Molly with the butterfly - she is just too darn cute :)