Saturday, October 15, 2011

threesixfive, days 279 thru 285

it was a pretty standard week around here. the weather is cooling off a little bit, but its usually burned off by about noon. no major happenings to speak of, so i'll get right to pictures.

sunday, day 279
heres our little pumpkin patch in the front yard. the metal scarecrows are a new addition this year. the kids named them sally and kevin, although i have no idea why.

monday, day 280

i couldnt get this picture to turn the right direction, so please tilt your head to thr right. hot dog mummies! this was our lunch monday afternoon. they were pretty yummy!

tuesday, day 281

i walked into the schoolroom tuesday morning to find this. colby told me (from under the chair) that he couldnt do school becuase he was dead.

wednesday, day 282

i finished my christmas wreath for the craft fair on saturday. i'm taking orders for mainly fall and christmas wreaths, but can do pretty much anything, really. i'm hoping i come home from maine next week to many orders to fill.

thursday, day 283

we went to my parents house for dinner, and the kids played mario kart on the wii. we dont have a gaming system, and i didnt have one growing up, either, so we're all a tiny bit "into it" when we play. its like we're all 10 again...except colby and molly. theyre definitely still 4 and 6 and not at all ready to drive. :-/

friday, day 284
today colbys young explorers class at co-op got to make ice cream. they had such a good time, except for the part where you get mild frostbite and your hands might fall off. but hey, the ice cream was great!

saturday, day 285
packed and ready to go! we leave in 2 hours! yay!!

i'm soooo excited to finally get to go to maine and see the lighthouses, eat lobster, and (gasp) see leaves changing colors?!? what? that actually happens?
i'll know soon enough!

i'm sure i'll have loads of pictures to share, so i apologize in advance for the overload you'll all get when we return.

have a great week! i know i will!!!


sara said...

The mummy hot dogs are SO cute!!!!

and I love the wreath!!! It turned out great!

oh my word, I am so excited for you and your trip. Maine is one of my favorite places. Have a fantastic time!

The Bug said...

Love the mummys - they look yummy. I know, groan...

That wreath is really pretty - I can see where that style would lend itself to all kinds of variety.

LOL at Colby playing dead to get out of school. It was pretty creative :)

Have a great time in Maine!