Thursday, August 9, 2012

mimes; possibly the funniest people ever

as many of you know i've been to ghana, africa a couple of times over the last few years.
our friends the seatons served over there in a rafiki village for two terms.
they came back to round rock about a year ago, and started serving as house parents at the texas baptist childrens home here in town.
that required pretty much all of their time, so they didnt have a chance to get re-acclimated very well. they recently changed their assignment and have a lot more freedom, so we had them over for dinner tuesday night.
the left for africa when molly was a teeny baby and colby was two. as i said earlier, allen and i both went and served with them there in ghana, and kept in touch thru email and facebook, but they havent spent any time around the kids since they left in '07. all that to say, when they came over for dinner tuesday, it was really the first time theyve been around the kids; especially as kids, not a newborn and a toddler.
we were sitting at the table having dinner (i made beef tips w/brown gravy and homemade mashed potatoes. it was, like, slap yo' mamma good. that was free information.) and libbie was asking colby about himself; how is he like me, how is he like allen. in regards to allen he said
colby: im funny.
libbie: yeah?
colby: [nods]
libbie: so, you think your daddy is a pretty funny guy.
colby: [nods again]
libbie: is he the funniest guy you know?
colby: [thinking.....] well.....mimes are pretty funny.

and i'm all, what the....? mimes? really? what basis do you even have for that statement?
it was funny, although i'm still thoroughly confused.
today we were in the car and i brought it up again....
me: so, colby, you think mimes are funny?
colby: yeah!
me: so, its like, mimes, then daddy?
colby: no. mimes, then me, then daddy.

wow. ok.
sorry allen. maybe try painting your face white, or, i don't know, trapping yourself in an imaginary box.

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The Bug said...

That is HILARIOUS. Ha!