Sunday, August 26, 2012

threesixfive, week 34

hello again, everyone!
we had a full week of family visiting and dinners with friends.
we also had an exciting discovery in our backyard!!!! but i definitely gained a bajillion pounds with all the yumminess i put into my mouth this week.
tomorrow starts a healthy eating binge. can i use healthy and binge in the same sentence?? is that an oxymoron?

ive been using the oil cleansing method on my face for about a week. that pretty much means that i rub straight up oil on my face, and then wipe it off with warm water. i was hesitant at first as well, but my face feels pretty awesome, and hasnt revolted, so im a believer. between the oil pulling (which im still doing) and not the oil cleansing, im very....oily. but in a good way. im pretty sure my face smells like a greek salad, though.

i put reading lights in the kids' rooms this week, and have been letting them stay up for about ten or fifteen extra minutes to read in bed. i set a timer outin the hallway between their rooms, and when it goes off they turn their lights off and go to sleep....expect molly doesnt go to sleep. she needs a drink. and a hug. and a bathroom run.....

we went to the brownings house for dinner, and emilie made smores dip!! WHAT?!? yeah, it was freakin awesome. pinterest will be the death of me; or at least my waistline.

my mom and i took the kids to an educational store in austin, and i saw these crayons. really?? after close inspection, i concluded that i am toast-colored.

mimi and papa came to town for the day, and we took them to lunch at the monument cafe. colby was very happy to see them. :-)

our backyard surprise; baby bunnies!!!! the kids were having popsicles on the deck out back and were able to get super close to a rabbit without her running away from them. she finally hopped a off a few feet, and i saw that she was sitting over a little burrow of bunnies. they're precious!! we've been keeping an eye on them since then.

allen made me take a picture of our toothpaste. ive mentioned on here before that he always got annoyed that i squeezed the tube in the middle, so i finally got my own tube. he decided for some reason to open my drawer last night and check on the condition of my tube, and then requested that i take a picture to prove that we do, in fact, each need our own tube due to our difference in squeezing styles. while his tube actually does say "for best result, squeeze tube form bottom," i pointed out that my tube does not give specific squeezing instructions, and can therefore be squeezed in whatever way i deem fit.

week 4 of school commences tomorrow (go us!!), and there seems to be a pretty normal schedule on the calendar. molly does start back up at swim school on thursday, but other than that, it should be business as usual around these parts.
have a good one!!!


sara said...

I am laughing out loud at the tooth paste picture...mainly because that is exactly why my husband and I have our "own" tubes!!! and at our house my tube would look just like yours!!!

Kim said...

hahaha We have different tubes of toothpaste too :) But that's because I have to use Sensodyne and hubby doesn't like it. He prefers the kind with peroxide and baking soda. Still, we do squeeze differently too!

Sounds like a good "last" week of summer :) Enjoy the beginning of school!

The Bug said...

There's a picture making the rounds on Facebook about what the different toothpaste squeezing styles say about you - but I can't remember right now. I have two styles: I squeeze it any which way until it starts running out & then I roll it from the bottom to get every last drop. Mike uses Mentadent so we don't have a conflict there :)

That smores dip looks fabulous! I like the idea of a healthy eating binge - I'm going to start one today!

P.S. I'm that peachy color on the end most of the time, but this summer I actually got some sun on my arms so they're a little bit darker.

rita said...

Very funny. The same could be said about our toothpaste squeezing styles. The upside-down stand up variety might be the answer.
We are enjoying Steve and Sara as guests this week. I haven't peeked in the guest bathroom to look at their toothpaste, though ;-)