Sunday, August 19, 2012

threesixfive, week 33

i realized as i was uploading my pictures, that half of them are food-related, which means theyre not terribly exciting to look at at. so....sorry.
we have a new 'tenant' with us indefinitely. we met her thru the camp we take our youth to every summer. she's worked there for the past three years, and been a disciple now leader for us once as well. she graduated from texas a&m in may, and was supposed to go to asia long-term this fall, but after a "preview" trip, felt that was not where the Lord wanted her to be. we offered her our home to come stay and take a sabbatical, if you will, for the last few weeks of august. she feels like the Lord wants her in austin, but doesnt not what that looks like or where to start. anyway, i say all that because im sure she will be mentioned several times over the next few weeks as she lives here; her name is lindsey.

i started oil pulling. in short, you swish oil around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes and then spit it out. its supposed to pull all the toxins and impurities from your body. its been a week now, and i dont see any huge changes. i think my teeth are whiter, though. im going to add in olive oil, and see what that does. different oils affect people differently from what ive read. we'll see.....

the kids love having lindsey here. she was home schooled as well, so she's been super helpful and patient with the kids, even helping them with some with their work, and letting them read to her. i'll try to get a picture of her face next time....

there are a couple inner city churches in austin lindsey wants to visit while shes here, so we mapped them out on tuesday. we stopped at a bakery truck i'd heard about, where i had THE BEST cupcake ever. all the baked goods are vegan, organic, and made with local ingredients. i had a lavender vanilla cupcake. lindsey had a peanut butter chocolate cupcake. delish!!!!

i took lindsey up to georgetown and showed her around up there (specifically a few trails for her to go running at; shes training for a half marathon w/obstacles), and we had dinner at the monument cafe. they have a garden in the back, and a market where you can buy fresh produce, and local fare. i bought this lavender peach butter, and we ate it on out bread at dinner! oh. my. word.
i need to be careful, or i'll be ten pounds heavier by the time lindsey leaves!

i had to borrow this wig for a thing i'm doing at church on sunday. i looked back at molly while i was driving, and this is what i saw. i dont why i found this so funny. i guess because she was just sitting there as if nothing at all was unusual about her wearing a hideous black wig.

double date night with our friends and mentors, the welches. i saw this food trailer on diners, drive-ins, and dives monday night, and wanted to give it a try. it was pretty good, especially the cheese fries.

the kids' dentist office had a back to school party for all their patients. we hung out for about 3 hours, and had a great time! the kids got their faces painted (obviously), and it stayed on a whole ten minutes before starting to melt off from the heat. thank goodness for wet wipes.

we have dinner plans monday night, tuesday night, and friday night, as well as my mom coming for a visit wednesday, and allens mom coming thursday. looks like a very full week already!!! enjoy yours!

be blessed!


Kim said...

You must have a very cool dentist! Ours never threw a party. Just charged us enough to have his own really big private party :)

All the food talk and photos are making me hungry. Ahhh, American-style cheese fries! I ordered some at a restaurant here and what came to the table was a pile of rather limp fries drenched in a sauce of "quatro quesos" including bleu cheese. A bit strong for me. But now that you've mentioned them, I just might have to try making some myself. Oh the power of suggestion!

Have a great week!

sara said...

ok, call me a skeptic, but how can swishing oil in your mouth pull toxins out of your body?!

I love, love going to food trucks!!! We have a few around LR that are awesome, but in inconvenient places for me so I don't go often.

The Bug said...

I don't think I could swish anything in my mouth for FIVE minutes, much less 10 to 20!

Love the face painting picture - so cute. But the winner is Molly in the wig. She just looks so pensive - it's hilarious :)