Sunday, August 5, 2012

threesixfive, week 31

it had been miserably hot this week, which isnt unusual in texas, and im super thankful that its already august and this is the first time ive really felt that way. typically i feel like im about 2 degrees away from melting by the third week of june or so. we went to the pool a couple times, library, had some dinner guests one night, went on a date. it was a good, normal, no one running fever week.

i bought allen a pair of underwear a few weeks back, but i think they're, like, junior size or something, because the tag said the correct size, but they definitely did not fit him. i stuck them in colbys underwear drawer for future use, and he accidentally grabbed them and put them on. he figured out quickly that something wasnt quite right.

we went to the library monday afternoon, and that evening after dinner i looked into the living room and saw the kids on the couch together, looking at books. i love this. its rare that they can be this close to each other without someone feeling smothered.

molly has felt fine this week, but i dont think she quite has all her energy back from being sick over the weekend. she got pretty whiny around 7:15 tuesday evening, and although she was adamant about not being tired, she laid down and promptly fell asleep on the carpet a good half hour before her bedtime.

austin is famous for its bat population, and while we arent in austin, we're close enough that we get them, too. they come out from under a bridge on the highway every night at dusk.

this is the money shot. another picture of the kids brushing their teeth for the contest at the dentist office. hopefully we'll win with this one; brushing their teeth on the field with a player for the round rock express (the rangers triple a team).

our trampoline was past the point of saving after it blew over the fence during a storm last month. we finally got around to taking it apart this week.

hooray! i got to visit the new minor emergency center that just opened by our house. i was making dinner and sliced right into the tip of my finger byway of a lemon (lemon juice in a fresh, ouch). allen sent me to the minor emergency and they glued and taped me back together again. like humpty dumpty, except they couldnt put him back together so maybe thats not the best example. and i didnt fall off a wall. although ive probably done that, too. the finger brace is to protect it as i am certain to bang it into stuff. plus, it looks cool and gets me sympathy....why is my wedding ring crooked? i hate that.

side note: i took the brace off when i started trying to type. it was not conducive to blogging. so now im brace free. 

we're starting school tomorrow, however i wasnt planning on officially starting until next week, so we'll see how much we actually get done. i do like being ahead of the game a little.

have a great week!!


sara said...

the picture of the bats is cool. I bet you don't have a mosquito problem!!!

I am actually glad for August because it means cooler weather is comeing.....someday!

Lisa said... that you had to take the brace off to blog. Priorities! :)

The Bug said...

Molly looks so sweet all asleep on the carpet - hope she has her energy back by now!

Love the bats & the tooth brushing - so cool that the player participted :)

Ouch is right! When I had surgery on my shoulder a few years ago I always took my sling off to blog :)

Kim said...

Hope you win the dentist's contest :) That's a fun photo.

That many bats would freak me out. They have freaked me out in the past, anyway. We spent a year in Uganda and the bats, they were a problem.

I'd slip the brace on whenever you can, to garner more sympathy :) And get the others to do more of your work for you. hahaha