Sunday, August 12, 2012

threesixfive, week 32

first week of school under our belt! it went really really well. we got everything done we needed to do, and no one cried!
it was a pretty busy week. i'll let the pictures do the talking....

allen won a free photo session and 24" print for our family at a golf tournament a few months ago. we finally got it back and i got it hung this week. i love it! thats a big picture, yall, like, bigger than their actual faces.

first day of school! first day of school!

so....i bought a new white board and was writing the months of the year on it, because somehow in the three years ive been teaching colby, we've missed learning that along the way.
i was writing them out, and i almost wrote 'janruary', because for a quick moment i seriously thought thats how it was spelled. just and kristen were over hanging out, and laughed at me, and made some joke about me being a 'homeschool mom'. hey, i didnt actually spell it rong wrong.

april came over with the boys wednesday evening. the kids played outside for a whole ten minutes.

i decided molly needed a mani pedi for her big flower girl debut this weekend. i went ahead and got my tootsies done as well. i hadnt had a pedicure in a year and a half, and im not gonna lie, they were looking pretty rough.

justin and kristens wedding was yesterday, and molly and colby got to be the flower girl and ring bearer. allen officiated the wedding, and i read scripture. it was a family affair.

the big day!!! you get several pictures....

arent they precious?!?! i was a proud momma.

i hope you have a fantastic week!!!
check out my post about mimes from thursday if you havent already. i promise its worth it. :-)


sara said...

oh my word, you should be proud! colby looked pretty proud too! so sweet!

I am always so impressed by moms who homeschool....seriously it would have taken about 2 seconds for my kids to get me distracted or convince me not to have school!! ya, discipline is a bit of an issue :)

and sorry to say, you were not right! Alyssa was the rock music!! Jason was the christian rock. And seriously if you knew my kids in person, you would probably still get that wrong! :)

The Bug said...

They ARE precious - I love how proud Colby looks. Too cute. And I love Molly's toes :)

And yes, the mime story is worth reading - ha!