Sunday, March 10, 2013

project 365, week 10

sorry i'm getting this up later than usual. its been a full week, even though we've barely left the house. normally our week is full of meet-ups, errands, friends, church, etc. this week, however, its been full of physical therapy, wrapping and icing allens knee, physical therapy, home health nurse visits, physical get the picture. 
if you ask his P.T., allen is progressing wonderfully, and is ahead of the game in his recovery. if you ask him, he would've liked to be back in the swing of things a week ago! :-) we've all got a bit of cabin fever, but we're seeing a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.
not terribly exciting comparatively, but heres the week...

being home-bound brings the perler beads out. the kids have been creating with these for the better part of the week. they've taken over the kitchen table.

i was grateful to have allens mom here for the week of his surgery, and the few days following his arrival home. she was a great buffer for the kids, letting them read to her, playing games, etc, so i could be the nurse.

rex came to pick mom up tuesday morning. we enjoyed her visit!

kristen (the one who prays over molly each year for those of you that have been following me for awhile) got engaged last weekend, and called to ask colby and molly to be her flower girl and ring-bearer. i knew what was coming so i had my camera ready to catch the kids reactions. colby was beside himself. kristens brother shayne got married a few months ago, and allen officiated his wedding. we are so excited and honored to be involved in both of their big events!

this is what colby brought home from art wednesday evening, and i needed a picture for the day. hes learned some really cool techniques this semester.

we cozied up friday evening and watched The Bible (series on the history channel) that we DVR'd sunday night. this event required hot chocolate.

lazy pajama day. i love peeking into one or the other of the kids' rooms and seeing them create and pretend together.

this week will be alot more of the same, but allen will make the transition to a cane (hes been using a walker), and he gets the staples out on tuesday. 
link up if you have photos to share!

be blessed!


Lori said...

We recorded The Bible, also. Everyone day this week someone has been sick, so we haven't watched it. What did you guys think of it?

Kim said...

Glad to hear Allen is healing and progressing well with PT.

Looks like the kids enjoyed the week, home-bound or not :)

Really liked Colby's art -- tell him he did a great job!

semperfi said...

Glad Allen is doing well. Love the painting!!! Have a great week

semperfi said...

Glad Allen is doing well. I love the painting!!! Have a great week.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Glad the recovery is going well, having help is a good thing!

You have quite the little artist there, very nice!

I took a few weeks off but hopefu;y oi will be back with P3665 this week!


The Bug said...

I love the artwork - reminds me of Monet. Was it a shaving cream creation?

The kids look so serious with their hot chocolate :)

Glad Allen is doing well. I remember graduating to a cane after my hip surgery - it's so much easier to maneuver around the house! Of course, using nothing is best of all. He'll get there :)

rita said...

Haven't been able to watch The Bible yet. Read a great article about the making of it and God's presence and guidance throughout. However, this week I read some negative reactions.
What did you think?