Sunday, March 24, 2013

project 365, week 12

im SOOO frustrated!!! 3 of my pictures this week are on my phone and i cant get them to email or load onto my computer. GGGRRRR. 
so until i can figure out what the problem is, i'm 3 pictures short this week.....

on my phone....

on my phone....

my mom came into town and took us roller skating in austin. 
so. fun.

molly started gymnastics a couple of weeks ago. this is her little outfit she wears. cutie.

we had another prospective youth pastor and his wife come into town late thursday night and stay thru the weekend. i put this bouquet together for the nightstand. i love all different flowers of the same color together.

on my phone...dang it.

mollys front middle tooth thats been loose for SO LONG finally came out!!! she has quite a little lisp now. i love it. the other middle tooth is loose too, but if it hangs on anything like that other one, she may be 12 before it finally gives.

allen had a pretty good first week back following his surgery, and is even getting around without any assistance from a cane, for the most part. theres still a little swelling and soreness, but hes recovering really really well.

have a blessed passion week!!
...and if i dont get a post up before next sunday, Happy Easter!!



semperfi said...

Love the skating pic, you go grandma & cute gymnastics outfit

The Bug said...

Your mom looks like a hoot :) That Molly is just too cute!

rita said...

Have you ever used dropbox for you pix? It's a free app, easy to upload to from camera or cell.

I'm so impressed wirh your mom's youthfulness. Come to think of it, we're probaby about the same age!

Have a great week!


I have trouble sometimes uploading my phone pictures.