Saturday, March 2, 2013

project 365, week 9

alright ya'll, i'm missing some of you that normally link up!
last week we only had 3 people link up, plus myself. dont worry about missing days, just share what you have.
my pictures this week are all pretty similar, but the majority of my week was spent at the hospital with allen, who had knee replacement surgery on tuesday. hes home now and recovering well. my mother in law is here until tuesday, and has been helpful in keeping the kids happy so i can play nurse.

a couple on the youth ministry team is expecting a baby in april, and their class of 11th graders threw them a surprise shower sunday after church. i love the balloon baby.

molly learned to stitch in one of her co-op classes last week, so i bought some scrap fabric for her at hobby lobby so she could make a little blanket for her babies.

this is allen right after they got him checked in and hooked up to all the i.v.'s and other paraphernalia at the hospital. so glad his mom was able to come for the week.

molly was so happy to see daddy on wednesday when he was good and awake. they saw him when he came out of recovery, but he was still pretty doped up.

molly took a spill off her bike this evening and busted her lip. i know it hurt her pretty bad (and scared me!) but good grief shes cute, even with a fat lip. she kept saying, "mommy, my lips are crooked!"

so happy to have daddy home! the kids cuddled up next to him as he did some of his therapy when he got home friday afternoon. he has to put his leg in this machine for two hours a day for about a week. it helps him get his range of motion back.

we borrowed a recliner from a family at our church, so allen would have somewhere to sit and comfortably elevate his leg. i had to rearrange the living room a bit, but he has a good little set-up.

you may call me nurse amy until further notice. fortunately, thats what i was going to school for before i got sick in college and had to withdraw, and one of these days i'll go back and get my degree. in the meantime (or at least for the next little bit), i'll be practicing on my willing husband.

have a blessed week!!


sara said...

you are right! she is adorable even with a fat lip!!

praying your husbands recovery goes smoothly. Have an orthopedist for a dad, I know what that entails!

Lori said...

Let Allen know we are praying for a smooth recovery! And sorry I'm late!

The Bug said...

What a cutie with her crooked lips :)

Glad Alan's surgery went well - & glad he has a good nurse in you!

I linked up last week, but it didn't ever show up. And I linked up just now but it isn't showing up. Darn it!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I hope the recovery for the Hubs will be smooth and speedy!

I took the week off, was still feeling a bit under the weather, but will be back next week...


rita said...

Home again, maybe I'll catch up before I leave again!
I was thinking about becoming a nurse when I was an adolescent in awe of the two nurses in training who spent their days off from the Brittish hospital at our house in Buenos Aires. Soooo glad I did not pursue that career. NOT for me. Even my husband said the other day that I was NOT nurse material ;-)
So, good for you. You have the gift. Pursue it! God's time.

Kim said...

Hope he's being a good patient :) Most men are notoriously BAD at staying down as long as they should!

Yep, even with a fat lip, she's adorable :)