Saturday, March 16, 2013

project 365, week 11

GASP! i missed a picture this week! i kind of hate myself for it, but i know its not the end of the world. i can make it up later with extras. :-)
i guess considering the weird schedule we've been keeping with allens recovery and other things going on around here, its permissible. 

in the last few weeks we've befriended a family that lives up the road from us, because they come to our cul-de-sac to ride their bikes. their daughter is a year younger than molly, and their son is almost 3. sunday afternoon they explored the creek and that big scary cement hole. they would yell into it and then run away before any monsters could come out after them.

allen graduated to a cane. here hes practicing with the physical therapist.

allen got his staples out. as you can see, it wasnt a pleasant experience. molly let him squeeze her finger. having the staples out really helped his range of motion, though.

no picture. :-(

i, along with a friend of mine, am leading worship at our churches upcoming womens retreat, and they needed a picture for the brochure. since im always the one behind the camera, i had to take a quick selfie to send to the church secretary. ive been living in my pj's for 2 weeks, so i slapped on some lip gloss and a scarf to perk myself up a bit.

im kind of a history nerd, but only when it concerns places I've actually been to, or will be going to. i went to Israel almost 3 years ago, and one of the coolest places we toured was Masada. i just finished The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman, which is a historical fiction novel about Masada and the last stand of the Jews after the Romans massacred them and tore down the 2nd temple. im a bit obsessed, and even went so far as to check out a book from the library about the archealogical dig from the mid 60's. whether you like history or not, the dovekeepers is a great read.

our friends and mentors, the welches, took us to dinner at a new and eclectic restaurant here in town called jack allens. we had queso with green chile pork and guacamole in it. my entree was a pumpkin seed pesto marinated chicken breast stuffed with artichokes and mushrooms, topped with a goat cheese drizzle. dessert was this chocolate dome of heaven you see below. some kind of mousse thing, soaked with a little rum or baileys, or maybe both. heck, i dont know. it was awesome, and thats all that matters. i will eat there again, i assure you.

i didnt get any pictures, but we also had one of the three candidates for the youth pastor postition at our church here thursday thru saturday morning, and he stayed at our house. my mom is coming for a couple of days at the beginning of the week; then thursday night another candidate for the position, along with his wife, will be coming and staying thru sunday. all that along with allen still being in recovery mode, makes for a full week ahead.
if nothing else, its forcing me to keep my house clean!!

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be blessed!!


rita said...

Great 'selfie' photo!
Great little nurse, Molly!
May you have God's clear direction re the candidate of His choice.
Have a beautiful week!

Kim said...

Yes, with all you have going on, you can give yourself a little latitude for forgetting one day :)

I got tired just reading what you have going on!

His grimace while getting the staples out said it all! And Molly's look in that photo was hysterical too :)

Thought I'd linked up last week, but I guess our neighbor's internet went down in the middle and I didn't realize it. We're at a café with WI-FI today so hopefully the link-up worked this time.

The Bug said...

Ooh I remember getting my staples out after hip surgery. 6 of them were ok, but the last two were ouch city!

That picture of you is great! Wish a little lip gloss & a scarf were all I need to look ok for a picture - ha!

The Bug said...

P.S. you know, it's weird. I link up every week, but some weeks my link doesn't ever show up...


I think as busy as you have been one missed day is no big deal.