Saturday, July 6, 2013

threesixfive, week 27

i have SO MANY pictures this week. so, to my mom, youre welcome, and to everyone else, i'm sorry. :-) kidding, kidding.
we had a really full but super fun week.

i've been trying to educate myself on how to use my camera appropriately (not on auto), so i made the kids pose for me. a lot. i've still got a ways to go, but i can definitely tell a difference.

we went on another nature challenge; this one to the texas memorial museum on the UT campus in austin. its basically natural history. i loved this...picture??...made out of bugs.

we had a family game night, and played wii sports for about an hour before the kids went to bed.

colby and molly participated in a reading program over the school year that earned them each a free ticket to any six flags park, and one for me, too as their teacher. we went with our friends the o'gradys, who also participated. here are the four kids with daffy duck.

and seriously, this is what almost every line looked like. i was intentional about going the day before a holiday, hoping the crowds would be thin, but i didnt quite expect this. other than one of the big rides where we waited for about 45 minutes, our longest wait was 15 minutes.

picture overload!!
we skipped the annual parade this year in favor of sleeping in a bit after such a long day wednesday, and knowing we'd be up late for fireworks.
we did go to the festival at san gabriel park in georgetown, which is much better than the one our city does, in my opinion.
number one reason: the petting zoo!!! how cute is that bunny?!?

colby played water gun tag, and got soaked.

then we went to some friends house for burgers, games, sparklers, and s'mores.

our roof is the new hotspot for vultures. two days in a row they've been hanging out up there. seriously?!? this cant be a good thing.

molly and colby were cuddled up in the living room and she was reading to him. he would help her when she got stuck on a word. i love these moments.

tomorrow my mom is coming in town to spend a couple days with us, then we're heading back down to camp tuesday night to meet up with allen, who's preaching to about 600 students each night. monday thru thursday. camp zephyr is our home away from home, so we always look forward to a trip down there.

if you missed them, i did two posts about essential oils this week. check them out if its something youre interested in. i'm doing a class on july 18th, so if youre in the area and would like to come, let me know and i'll send you the evite.

be blessed!!


rita said...

All the kid pics are wonderful, and you two are quite adorable yourselves!
Fun bug pic too.
Too much fun for one week ;-)

The Bug said...

Now you're too funny - MY post has a lot of pictures. This one is practically skimpy in comparison :)

My favorite is the one of Colby holding the chicken - the look on his face is just too cute!!

Kim said...

Awwww :) Your kids are soooo photogenic! And I love that they're such good buddies.

Our daughter just gave us a Canon Rebel and I need to take time to learn how to do more with it, too. I've seen a few blogs who have "how to" posts that I need to go back and look at.

Have a great week!