Saturday, July 13, 2013

threesixfive, week 28

well, an interesting week indeed. allen left late sunday night to drive down to camp zephyr, where he would be pastoring the youth camp there for the week. the kids and i where planning on going tuesday evening, because colby had his first hip-hop class tuesday at 4:30. tuesday after lunch i had this feeling that maybe the class was at 4:00 instead of 4:30, and certainly didnt want to show up half an hour late, so when i pulled the schedule up online, i see that the class is at 4:00, and its on thursdays!!!! DANG! i dont know why i had it in my head 4:30 on tuesdays. i had the day and the time wrong. unfortunately, thats not the first time ive done something like that. i once showed up for a dentist appointment at the right time, but 1 week early.
anyway, so i threw all our stuff in the car, and we went on down to zephyr that afternoon, even though we couldve gone with allen after all. at that point, i conceded myself to colby missing his first hip-hop class, because i was bent on making it down there, and was not going to turn around and drive back thursday morning. plus, allen was planning on using both colby and molly as part of his sermon thursday night, so to not be there wouldve thrown him off as well.
i'll be able to report on the all boys hip-hop dance class next week, though.

allens bike was taken out of our garage a couple of weeks ago, so i really wanted to get him a new one for his birthday (which is tomorrow, the 14th!!). we went sunday afternoon and picked one out together. then colby had to ride home with it next to him, hahaha.

my mom came in town sunday evening and stayed just thru monday. she hadnt seen the kids for about a month, and was "going thru withdrawal". she took us to paint pottery monday afternoon, which ended up being a great decision (i wanted to do something outdoors), because it poured down rain all day.

we got to camp tuesday right at dinner time, so we were able to hear allen preach, and then go to the late night event. tuesday it was a concert by Propaganda and Tedashii, two christian rap/hip-hop artists.

we grabbed a snack from the kitchen and ate it out on the deck of the conference center before bedtime wednesday evening. molly and colby love the porch swings.

i woke up to colby throwing up in the toilet thursday morning, so he and i spent our day right here. bummer of a way to spend a day at camp. :-/ fortunately, whatever it was, it was gone by thursday night, and we were able to go to worship and the late night event.
i think it was the essential oil i used. ;-)

theres a new taco place in town that allen has eaten at a few times, but the kids and i havent made it to yet. we went for dinner friday night. i had a fried avocado taceo, and a ahi tuna taco. both were very yummy.

you'll get this picture next week. we're on the way out of town for a wedding, and thats what i want todays picture to be, so i'll stick it on next weeks post.

have a great weekend!!!
be blessed!



Great shots this week. I enjoyed your photo journal. I love camp.

The Bug said...

I hate messing up on appointments - makes me feel disorganized (which I am - ha!)

Love the brother/sister love moment on the swing - too sweet!

Your dinner sounds fabulous. That's the second blog in a row that has mentioned Mexican food - I really might have to have some for dinner!

rita said...

fried avocado taco--now that sounds good
Colby hip-hopping--gotta see that
I got a wrong time stuck in my head this week and arrived 30 min. late to ladies luncheon :-(
Have a great week!

RaD said...

Busy, busy but fun... just like a summer should be.