Saturday, July 20, 2013

threesixfive, week 29

ok, i missed one picture this week. the kids and i went to my parents on saturday evening, and in the craziness that is my parents house right now with my grandparents being there as well, i forgot to take a picture on sunday. but i have a worthy substitute....

last saturday (as promised)
colby and molly with lindsay and jacob. lindsay is one of the many fabulous people we have met thru our time down at camp zephyr over the years, and she lived with us for about 5 weeks last summer. we are so happy for her. she and jacob will be moving to atlanta in about a week.


a group of our youth left saturday to go on mission trip. allen didnt go this year, for the first time ever, but he followed them to the halfway point in west monroe louisiana, where he had set up a meeting for them with the duck dynasty group. we know one of the guys that own buck commander (that other name you see on the side of the warehouse on the show), so allen called him and they made it happen. allen got to go to their church sunday morning, and then the whole team met the duck dynasty team (the ones that were in town) after church. phil, ms kay, jase, and si. willie was out of town. so, no, i didnt personally take this picture, but its definitely worth sharing. this is allen and ms kay. she's holding a bottle of barbecue sauce they took for her from a local place.

mom and i took the kids into downtown dallas, and i has mom pull over so i could grab this picture of molly in front of the american airlines center. its a promotional thing for something. i have no idea. she's the "i". see it?

my sweet pawpaw. he's well into having dementia, and doesnt really know who anyone is anymore. my parents moved memaw and pawpaw in with them about 2 months ago to help memaw take care of him. he and i were sitting at the table looking thru a magazine, and mom said something about amy, and pawpaw said, "amy? where is she at?" and i said, "im right here, pawpaw. its me!" he looked at me and said, "well, hey there. it is you!" thats what had just happened when mom took this picture.
prayers are appreciated. he fell yesterday and broke his hip. he had surgery this morning, but isnt awake yet.

were planning a vacation to cancun in september, and i didnt even consider that the kids would need passports. ugh. i had to order copies of their birth certificates this week.

we made a hospital visit today as a family. this is izaiah, one of colbys friends from church. he has sickle cell anemia, and went into the hospital sunday because its giving him problems. prayers for him too!! last i heard he hasnt been discharged yet.

we used some coupons from the library summer reading program, and i took the kids to one of the pools here in town. it was ridiculously crowded. i'm honestly not a fan of the place, but hey, it was free. thats our once a year visit.

a super hero themed birthday party was on the schedule today. the little boy whos birthday it was, had a batman cake, and minion cupcakes. aren't they too cute?!?

that wraps up our week.
i'll do another oil post this week. sorry its been awhile. i taught my first class on essential oils thursday evening, and it went really really well.

link up if you have pics to share!!
be blessed!!


The Bug said...

Love Molly being the I - so cute! So is your Papaw - I'll be praying for him (keep us posted!).

rita said...

How's PawPaw?
Sweet pics of kids w/ Lindsay...
Cupcakes are too cute
Would love to take your essential oils class