Sunday, July 28, 2013

threesixfive, week 30

sorry i'm getting this up late. 
we started some school this week, and i'm trying to get a jump on my theatre class at co-op. it's still about 5 weeks away, but i know it'll sneak up on me if i dont plan! all that to say, i've been busy!

heres our week...

the kids got super hero capes and masks at a birthday party on saturday, and wore them for about 3 days. even at whataburger for dinner sunday night before we headed back up to church....

we made a trip to Mardel and picked up some school supplies and a planner for me.
ah, and some new sharpie pens. the teacher needs some incentive, too!! :-)

the kids were invited to some friends' house for a sleepover, so allen and i got a night out!!!
we had dinner at a place in austin i'd been wanting to take him to, then dessert at a food trailer called bananarchy. frozen bananas dipped in whatever you please. mine had vegan chocolate, coconut, and cinnamon. SO good!!!!!!!

the family where the kids slept over on tuesday night took them along to an event in austin wednesday morning with music, face painting, instruments, etc. i think at one point this was a mustache.

doing some math. the glow is the t.v. we're starting math-u-see this year, so they watch their lesson on a video, and then do the work. it takes longer, but i think in the long run will be more beneficial than me teaching math to them.

we met some friends at the creek to play and explore.

this little guy belongs to the nest on our front porch. he cant fly, so he's been hanging out here for a few days. i noticed when the other birds hatched and grew, he seemed a little behind the curve. hopefully he'll get stronger and be able to fly away soon.

for those of you that have been praying and asking, my pawpaw is recovering, and has been moved to a nursing home. this is so much better for everyone than to have him with my mom and dad still. everyone is able to sleep at night, and then they go up during the day to sit with him. hes awake and coherent, and they're hoping to get him up and moving around a little bit tomorrow.
thanks for your prayers and concern. 


The Bug said...

The kids are hilarious in their masks - and I love the smudgy mustache.

I think I'm going to add bananas to the grocery list - that looks really yummy!

So glad for the good report on your grandfather!

rita said...

A good move for Paw Paw and all, tho' difficult initially.
Always surprising how a flat mask can transform.
bananarchy--great concept!