Wednesday, September 17, 2008

did God create horton?

i love this weather!!
allen took colby to school this morning and i went out on my deck with my cup of tea and my bible study and sat with the Lord for about 30 minutes before i had to get molly taken care of.
it was so great to sit out there without sweating! i was almost cold.

colby has show and tell on wednesdays and his class is currently learning about creation. so for show and tell today he was supposed to take a stuffed animal and this would tie into God creating the animals (i'm assuming).
he narrowed it down to ogo pogo, which is basically the candian version of the loch ness monster (allen bought it for me when he and i first started dating and he went to canada to see his brother; colby inherited it at some point), and horton, as in horton hears a who.
now i'm not sure wither one of these is what ms. brandy had in mind. ogo pogo is for all due purposes a fictional mystical creature of the deep, and horton is kind of an elephant-in a very seussical way. he settled on horton.
i started having flashbacks to my experience as a 4 year old in sunday school; the class was told by our teacher to bring our favorite song the following sunday to share with the class. i guess they assumed, like most sunday school teachers of small children would i suppose, that we would tell our parents and then bring bible verses put to music (think salty songs) or twinkle twinkle little star, something of that nature.
not me. i was, even at 4, and still am, a big elvis fan. i had my own tape player and my own cassette tapes. so i made my selection on my very own and brought my favorite song-hunka hunka burnin love. it was confiscated (which i didnt understand. i followed directions!) and given to by only slightly embaressed mother, who later explained why elvis, particularly hunka hunka burnin love, is not appropriate for sunday school and why in the future i really should let her know about the assignments i'm given. lesson learned.
back to horton. i'm imagining colby taking one of these 'animals' to school and finding out thats not really what they had in mind. but, its his choice, and i figure if nothing else, God created dr seuss, right?


KALDesign said...

Okay, now I remember where you get your story telling ability. I remember your mom telling some pretty cute stories on you in the past. Hey, maybe she should start a blog to reminisce "amy stories". Just kidding. LOL

Shelly C said...

I was there to enjoy Colbys show and tell of Horton and if God created Mickey Mouse, a monkey in a batman suit and a cat wearing a dress then He for sure made Horton. And in true Colby fashion he had much to share. Then he came back and cuddled up with me which made me so happy!

Tex said...

God made the Ogo Pogo too. And it's real.