Saturday, September 6, 2008

identity crisis

as most of you know, colby is going to MDO (mothers day out) on mondays and wednesdays at RRCA, which is at our church. in addition to those days, we're also up there for church on sundays and wednesday night and womens bible study on thursday mornings.
lots of church going on.
thursday morning was the start up of the fall bible study (we take a break for summer).
we're getting ready to leave...
colby: "where are we going?"
me: "we're going to church."
colby: "i don't want to go to church!!" (this is followed by tears and a dramatic collapse to the floor)
i have to admit i felt sorry for him. 5 times a week at church is alot for a 3 year old. especially when its really all happened at once. up until last week we had only been going twice.
me: "why dont you want to go to church?"
colby: "i just want to be a lion."
....give me a second....processing....a lion?......what's he talking about?.........ooohhhh! got it........
me: "colby you're a lion on sundays. at school you're a fish, and on wednesday nights you're a cubbie; thats a baby bear."
colby: "oh, i like baby bears. what am i today?"
me: "well, today, you're a 3 year old."
colby: "what about the penguin?"
me: "you were a penguin. now you're a lion. you got promoted."
thats quite a step up the food chain if you ask me. penguin to lion? then he goes from lion to lamb. wouldnt you think they'd end with the lion? he is after all the king of the jungle. but no one asked me. i'm just the youth pastors wife. if we ever "name" the youth sunday school classes, i'm all over that. 7th graders can be wal-mart and seniors can be....louis vuitton, or maybe gucci. i'll have to do some research on that one....i digress...
he's having an identity crisis!! he can't remember which loveable forest/jungle creature he is from day to day. no wonder he had a melt down. penguin to lion, then a fish then a cubbie, back to lion. i thought i had a lot of "hats" to wear. poor kid. i don't know what i'm going to do when molly starts getting 'animaled'. then i'll have 6 to remember. she's already a firefly. now, thats a good place to start. you don't get much lower than that. except maybe an ant or a roach, but i dont imagine those are very good names for small groups of adorable children.

so my precious children, for today, are just colby and molly.
tomorrow they will be the lion and the firefly.
...and i will be the mother trying to keep it all straight.


KALDesign said...

But they are adoreable fireflys and Lions......entertained and smiling once again.

Shelly C said...

I so sympathize with my sweet Colby T! Tell him Ms Shelly can't remember what she is one day to the next either... maybe he and I can run away one day at lunch for a "I just don't want to be here yet again" break. I do have to say selfishly that I love seeing you guys more often during the week. See you tomorrow at school. S

christi28 said...

poor guy. it is confusing enough to me, i can't imagine how it must be for him! it hard to keep them all strait. i sure do miss him in penguins though....

Traci said...

Rylan is enduring the same crisis--and he only has 3 animals, not 4, to remember! He is sad that Colby got "repromoted" from a Lion to a Tiger w/ the fall bday kids. Now he's confused why his friend gets to be another animal already and he doesn't. :) We try to help them remember stuff w/ these cute animal names and it just confuses them to death!