Friday, September 26, 2008

R.I.P lady the boy fish

we lost a fish today. the kids and i came home from a very successful shopping trip with my mom--molly got a very cute dress off the clearance rack at gymboree with coordinating leggings and colby got 2 outfits from carters. i was fortunate enough to get in on the action and made it home with a fabulous fuschia peacoat!! now it just needs to get about 40 degrees cooler so i can wear it!
thanks mom!!!!! :)

anyway, back to the fish.
allen very inconspicuously pointed to the fish tank while mouthing the words 'DEAD FISH'.
"what???" i said, and glanced over to the tank.
there he was, floating upside down. lady the boy fish. dead.
i killed the last fish we had basically by not treating the water before i put him in it.
i have been very careful with this fish, so i honestly dont know what happened. he hadn't been acting weird or anything like that at all. and sucky the sucker fish is still very much alive.
i hope he doesnt die of loneliness. or maybe i do....i wouldnt mind a reprieve from cleaning the tank every few weeks.....
at any rate, we are a 1 less fish family. colby was very excited about getting to flush lady down the toilet. he handles fish death well.
he's had plenty of opportunity thanks to his fish killing mother.


KALDesign said...

Take it from a mother who has killed her share of gold fish, I think they must have a very short life span. I can't remember any of them lasting more than a couple of months, and there were a few of them that didn't make it through the first night. Zach wasn't too scarred by fish death, so I wouldn't worry about Colby either. I don't know if Zach even remembers his gold fish.

christi28 said...

poor lady the boy fish...
glad colby wasnt too upset about it...