Thursday, September 11, 2008

a few of my favorite things

a couple of the blogs i follow have recently listed their favorite things, and i thought "what a great idea," especially since some of the things i currently love, you might just like to try and find out you love it too! so here we go......

Hairspray- this is fast becoming one of my favorite movies. the soundtrack is incredible and my kids love it so i'm getting to watch it at least a few times a week!

Tide Simple Pleasures- this laundry detergent is some of the best stuff i've ever smelled. ever. you know those cheesy febreeze commercials where people lay on the floor, or can't stop smelling their pillows because the febreeze smells so good? well thats what i've been doing with my laundry. there are a few different scents. i have lavender vanilla and i wish i could wash my whole house in it!

Canon PowerShot- my new digital camera. i can now take pictures and put them on my blog the same day! i haven't figured out yet how to get a video on here. i tried but it never uploaded. still working on that one. here's a picture of colby in his chapel uniform for school ...taken with my new camera. :)

Mary Kay Mineral Powder- and i'm not just saying this because i sell it. this is the best powder i've ever used. i don't use foundation anymore, becuase this powder gives the skin such a flawless smooth look. seriously. and if you want some, i can hook you up! ;-)

Sweet Leaf Tea- diet mint and honey is so yummy and doesnt have any calories!

there are many other things i am quite fond of, but these currently top the list.

and for those of you that read my blog regularly, colby is now going to be a tiger on sundays at church. while not quite as ferocious as a lion, a tiger is a pretty close second i would say.
as far as his identitly crisis, well, i haven't broken the news to him yet. i'll have to get back to you on that one.

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