Wednesday, September 24, 2008

furry legs and imaginary friends

i haven't posted in several days, so i suppose i need to. :)
allen and i celebrated 7 years of wedded bliss on monday. actually, we celebrated on saturday, but our anniversary was monday. the years go so quickly!!

colby informed me yesterday morning that i needed to get the fur off my legs.
they weren't that bad, really. my husband doesn't mind stubbley legs, but my almost 4 year old son does. go figure.

he also decided that he wants an imaginary friend, but expects me to get him one. i think he saw it on little bill, maybe, and said
colby: "mommy i want an imaginary friend."
me: "ok, thats fine. you can have one."
colby: "can you get me one?"
me: "colby, its not something i get for you. you just have to pretend you have one-its imaginary." colby: "but i don't know how."
me: " yes you do. its like when you pretend your trains talk to each other. or you pretend you're spiderman. pretend you have a friend with you but no one else can see him."
colby: "but i can't see him."
me: (i'm really at a loss here. not sure what to say.)"i don't think you quite understand what an imaginary friend is, bud."
colby: "what is it?"
me: "i told you what it is. its a friend you pretend you have, and no one can see him but you. you use your imagination."
colby: "i don't want to use my imagination."

case closed.

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The Day's said...

Happy Anniversary! I can hardly believe it's been 7 years...time flies.