Saturday, September 13, 2008

how to kill a hurricane

mimi and papa (allens mom and stepdad) live in houston and decided to stay and 'ride it out'. well, not mimi's first choice, but she doesnt drive so there she sits. they are safe and sound, but i overheard a conversation between her and colby the other day before the hurricane hit.
mimi: "colby, did you know there's a hurricane comin'?'
colby: "a hurricane?!?!" (pronounced hurry-cane)
mimi: "yes, and papa says we have to stay here, so we're taping up the windows and making sure we don't blow away."
colby: "come to our house so the hurry-cane doesnt get you!"
mimi: "well, we're going to stay here so we can make sure our house is ok. do you know what that hurricane's name is?"
colby: "what?"
mimi: "ike."
colby: "that's a mean name. you know what you can do if that hurry-cane comes to your house? you just hit it in the back with your shovel."
mimi: "oh, is that what i need to do?"
colby: "yeah, just cut him right in half. thats what daddy does to snakes when they come to our house. he cuts them in half with his shovel."
mimi: "ok, well we'll do that."

it works for snakes; why not for hurricanes??
once again, mimi and papa are safe but currently tree'd in. they live in an older neighborhood with some of the biggest trees i've ever seen. many of them blew over in the storm, one right across their driveway. so we're hoping they can somehow get out and head this direction. they are expected to be without power for at least a week or two.

on another note, we went to my grandparents house last night for pawpaw's (he's the one with the stretched out neck) birthday dinner. colby found a new use for his dinner roll...
makes a lovely drink garnish, yes?
and he did drink his entire drink that way and ate the roll when he was done.
molly and pawpaw, 83 years young.
this has nothing to do with the blog, but its molly in her new peacoat. how could i not share this with you?
allen said she looks like a flasher since she doesnt have any pants on. :)


christi28 said...

too cute amy! oh and by the way i LOVE molly's bangs! precious!

love ya!

Finchers said...

She'd be the cutest flasher in HISTORY!

Elizabeth_Lockwood said...

Molly's hair....she looks so grown up! Thanks for putting pictures up here...I miss you guys already!