Wednesday, February 11, 2009

celebrating VD

not the STD; the holiday. not that its even a real holiday. i have issues with super commercialized holidays that dont celebrate anything inparticular. thanksgiving i get. christmas and easter i totally get., its fun to dress the kids up. i guess maybe if you're related to one of the many st valentines in some way and would like to celebrate their lives and deaths with candy and gifts to you significant other, then rock on. i just dont get it, personally.
i honestly dont remember ever doing anything major with allen for v-day. its so soon after all the anniversary and christmas hooplah (and now with the kids' birthdays sandwiched in there as well), we just need a break. plus allen is truly the hardest person on the planet to buy for, so the less often i have to come up with a gift, the better.
we're not very good about going on dates 'just because', so if nothing else we make it a point to go on a nicer than usual date every year around valentines day, not necessarily on the day which is another topic on and of itself. i was raised by a mother who's very much an 'on the day' person and it was passed on to me. i've had to get over that a little bit being married to a pastor. its not like we can cancel church to go to dinner for my birthday...or valentines day...or his birthday (which happens to fall during mission trip this year, which only further proves my point).
anyway, so this year our big v-day plans are to [drumroll please] grab a sandwich and go buy new bath towels!!!! super sexy, huh? i'm really looking forward to it believe it or not. it'll be fun. shopping is always fun, even if it is bath towels, which we desperately need by the way. ours stink. literally. they smell old and moldy no matter how many times i wash them. they're the same ones we've had since we were married 7 & 1/2 years ago. i would think towels would last longer than that, but ours haven't held up well. so new towels it is...and maybe some bath mats so everything matches. :)
so what are your big valentines day plans?


Liz said...

The boys are going to Nana and Papa's house in NC for 1 week! They leave on Saturday...Ed and I haven't had a date in over 8 months. And by date I mean, out to dinner or a movie alone...we have always had the kids in tow. After the past couple of weeks, we are in much need of alone time to regroup ourselves as a couple. It may not be fancy, but dinner and a movie when you haven't been alone seems pretty fancy to me.

Have fun buying towels! Are they going to be red? :)

Erin Geren said...

Michael has a baseball tournament so we will spend much of the day there. I have to agree with you on this over-commercialized holiday. AND with "the day" thing too. With Jeff being a restaurant manager, he's always gone on days like Valentines, Mother's Day and New Years Eve because they are always the busiest. I am counting my blessings that I got to spend New Years and will get to spend Valentines with him this year. Sounds weird, but I am trying to appreciate every moment we have gotten extra while jobless.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I say if buying towels and enjoying a nicer than usual date floats your respective boats, then that's wonderful. I think you are right not to cave into the pressure. Sometimes we celebrate Vday specially, sometimes not. No sweat.

LuAnn said...

We say Happy 1/2 Anniversary. We were married on August 14th, exchange cards and we have our sons basketball game that night. He has for preach for Saturday night church. Then he will come to the varisty game. Maybe he will hold my hand in the bleachers.
But I would really love new towels myself. Have fun and enjoy being with each other.

Dawn said...

WELL... it could be sexy if you come home from buying the towels and try them out. You know, after a nice two-person bubble bath.

We're going on a double date with my parents... at lunch time. That was the only way to work it in with them here and kid activities in the evening.

Casey said...

MY Valentine's Day plans??? Ha! Funny. I think I might have a bonfire on my back porch and burn things that remind me of men. (Remember THAT episode??) :-) Maybe I'll catch a nice fireman.