Saturday, February 7, 2009

what a great night!

my husband is gone for the weekend leading a house of 11th and 12th grade boys for a disciple now at a church about an hour north of us.
everytime he goes out of town his cousin and i, who both share a passion for all things theatre, have a movie night and i cook something that allen doesnt like and we eat and watch a movie or two after the kids go to bed. thats tonight.
last night i went and saw a musical that one of the local high schools is putting on. its called 'Urinetown'. yes thats a horrible name and the writer knows that and mentions it several times. its probably the second funniest musical i've ever seen, the first being 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum'. maybe the first funniest. i'd have to see Forum again. one of the kids i was in 'CATS' with was the male lead as a freshman in high school. he sings way too good for someone his age. i was blown away by some of the talent in that show. what made it so great was my new friend casey went with me. it was a last minute thing. shes a new youth worker and i had actually called her to see if she would babysit my kids, but i ended up getting someone else so she came with. i had no idea ahead of time, but she too shares my ridiculous theatre obsession and i am so excited! we talked about all the different shows we like and then sang loud 'Moulin Rouge' songs, her taking the high parts and myself taking the lows, because i sing like a man. then she stayed till after midnight and watched 'Get Smart' with me. kind of killed the whole musical themed thing but whatever.

on another note, my dad thought he broke his foot playing football.
exhibit A of why 50-something year old men shouldnt play football: old, fragile bones.
serioulsy, he's like a 20 year old trapped in the body of a...51 (i think) year old. turns out he didnt break it, just sprained it really bad. he's been getting around with crutches since tuesday and the kids have seen him a couple of times since then. we're about to head over there today and colby is so excited to see papaws crutches. only he calls them "crunches".
me: "why are they called crunches?"
colby: "because they crunch bugs." (duh, mom)
they should definitely change the name. that makes way more sense.

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Casey said...

That WAS a great night! You are so much fun!