Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i MIGHT be disappointed

molly woke up early sunday morning so i went and got her and we layed on the couch for about an hour. both of us fell back asleep. it was time for me to get up and get ready for church, so i put her on our bed where colby was already watching cartoons. it takes her a while to get friendly in the mornings (she gets that from me), but she just wasn't coming around. at one point she went into our closet and layed down on a pair of allens pants and fell back asleep. weird. we went ahead on to church but i kept her with me in case she was sick. she sat on my lap all through sunday school, never talked, never got down to walk around, nothing. we were taking prayer requests at the end and i got the reaction before i realized the cause. the girls collectively let out a sound of surprised disgust, "oohhh!" and "aww!" then i felt it sliding down my arm and my right leg. vomit. milk vomit. the only thing she would put down that morning. curse that starbucks milk. i've seen it in vomit-form too many times! granted, the first time was probably my fault for taking my already vomiting son to wal-mart. a few of my sweet freshman girls rushed over to help clean it up with paper towels and clorox orange scented bleach wipes. nothing like the smell of citrus and vomit in the morning. molly didnt get any on her, fortunately. her binkie bear and my skirt caught most of it. oh, and my 'new to me' boots i was wearing for the first time also suffered some damage. they are out as we speak getting cleaned and polished. i took molly home and we spent the rest of the day on the couch, napping on and off.
yesterday morning colby came and got in bed with us around 5am. he woke up at 7am and started complaining about his stomach hurting. do you know where this is going? 10 minutes later he's throwing up in our bed, another familiar scenario (see 'vomiting son' above). we got him cleaned up, sheets off, and parked on the couch. i called my mom who was supposed to come over and sit with molly while i went to the grocery store (colby would have normally been at MDO) to give her a heads up that they were both sick, and found out that she had been up all night hugging the toilet. so my next thought was 'how long till i get it?'
since then all has been well. we've survived on a diet of chicken and stars soup and jello.
i'll have to do some damage control with molly; i've let her have her pacifier pretty much whenever shes wanted it since yesterday morning. colby's also been getting a little extra love at bedtime; last night i read him 4 stories instead of 1. he told me he wanted me to stay with him because, "your skin is so soft." i love that kid, especially in the winter when my skin feels like leather.
i hate to admit this, but i was hoping something horribly disgusting might happen so that i could blog about it. you know, one of those 'i can laugh about it now' kind of stories. i might be a litle bit disappointed i don't have more to offer here.
at any rate, we all seem to be healthy now, and i think i'm going to take the kids to the library in a little bit. i'm going stir crazy.
i hope no one throws up at the library...or do i?


Dawn said...

Wishing someone would throw up in the library??? A SURE sign that the blogging addiction bug has bitten you! Ha ha!

Hope you resist the yucky tummy bug!!!

christi28 said...

you crack me up!! i will be praying that the 'bug' doesn't get you...

love ya!