Sunday, February 15, 2009

project 365, week 7

this week was great, once we got past all the vomiting.
here are the pictures to prove it!

SUNDAY, Feb 8th
molly was sick (she threw up on me at church) and spent most of the day cuddling with me on the couch; not a bad set up, in my opinion. and there was no more vomit after the church incident, so thats a bonus. i can't say the fear wasnt there though; i kept a towel close by.

MONDAY, Feb 9th
colby crawled in bed with us around 5am, and then threw up in it around 7am.
i sent allen to the store to get an aresenal of 'sick kid food'.

TUESDAY, Feb 10th
i was cleaning out my sock drawer and came across these beauties from high school. colby found them in the trash and wore them the rest of the day, just like you see in the picture. he especially liked the toe holes. thankfully we didnt go anywhere.

this was actually taken tuesday, but i had 2 good ones for tuesday and none for wednesday, so i confess to cheating a little this week. my apologies. moving on....
molly got it in her head that she was going to put her pjs on unassited. she managed to get both of her legs into the same hole several times and made a few attempts at the shirt. after about 20 minutes (maybe more) she conceded and allowed me to help.

THURSDAY, Feb 12th
we met my parents for lunch at which wich (the kids' choice; i've successfully brainwashed them to like it as much as i do) after bible study. one of the playscapes has heart shaped holes on one side. how festive!

FRIDAY, Feb 13th
oh my! friday the 13th!!!! i didnt even realize it till that night. i so dont care. if i did we probably wouldnt have taken the kids on their first hiking excursion. i used to be huge into hiking. i went with a small group multiple times a week. we were planning a trip to the appalachian mtns for a 4 day hike, but i got pregnant so they wouldnt let me go (i totally would have, just for the record). anyway, i've missed doing it and have been looking for an opportunity to hit the trail we usually went to on saturdays. the kids are too little for me to take them by myself, so we all went together on allens day off. it was so much fun!! we're going to try and start going once a week or, at the least, every other week.

SATURDAY, Feb 14th
happy valentines day!! this ended up being such a great day! i am in the process of finishing an art project i started on v-day, but i wont show till its done.i'll share about our fabulous shopping excursion later today or tomorrow! i want to take a picture of one of the many extra purchases we made that i'm super duper pumped about!!!!

thanks sara for sponsoring this fantastic event! i'm still loving it!!
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sara said...

great week...well, except for the vomit!!! One of my kids threw up in my bed once...yuck!!!

LUV the socks!! the camo makes it even better!!!

funny, my verification word is "blessin"......and you are definitely blessin me today!!!

LuAnn said...

I am glad that everyone is healthy again. I too love the socks. I posted ones just like it in my 70's post. What a hoot!!!!
Have a great week.

Dena said...

We had the flu go through our house too, only my "baby" is almost 16 and no matter how sick he was, he wasn't into cuddling with mom...ha.

Glad everyone is feeling better.

Julie said...

Looked like a fun week. Even on the vomit days, you still had fun cuddling with your kids!! I am blessed by your blog - thanks for your positive attitude!!

Nise' said...

Poor baby, hope she is better and didn't share with the rest of the family.

Beverlydru said...

Hi Fran! I'm totally happy to meet you. Your link to the squall line is appreciated... now you've got me hooked and I'm going to be reading through your archives to hear about your trip. It's really fun to meet people through blogging. Sara is one of my faves.