Saturday, February 21, 2009

project 365, week

i've had several requests both on and offline about the pasta pictured below. keep an eye out-i'll post the recipe this week!

two months down, ten to go!!
heres my week in pictures.

SUNDAY, Feb 15th
my new pots and pans. my husband bought these for me on a whim on saturday (on our valentines day shopping trip) and i unpacked them and put them away on sunday. i love them!!!

MONDAY, Feb 16th
my husband at his sexiest! :)

TUESDAY, Feb 17th
we had a playdate with a couple of our friends tuesday morning. i found molly and layna in the rocking chair 'reading' a book.

heres my project i started on valentines day. i saw this same type of thing on a website several weeks ago, but couldnt afford to pay $50 for it. so i made my own. i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

THURSDAY, Feb 19th
dinner! one of my favorites-italian sausage and spinach pasta. yum-o!!! the picture really doesnt do it justice. this was the best one i could get.

FRIDAY, Feb 20th
our churchs womens' retreat was this weekend in salado, which has great shopping. some of us went up early friday afternoon to take advantage (i'll post pictures of some of my treasures later this week). casey couldnt pass up the photo-op when i modeled this hat for her.

SATURDAY, Feb 21st

so i'm really disappointed that i didnt take one picture at the retreat all weekend! my picture for today is me sitting at my computer right before i did this post. i'm not even focused because i'm talking to my friend leah on the phone. lame.

to see other project 365 pictures, see the link on saras blog.
have a blessed week, and remember, friendship is like flowers. ;-)


Dena said...

The picture of those two sweet little angels sitting and reading is precious, and I think your meal you made looks really yummy! Thanks for sharing your pictures. :)

Danita said...

Cute pictures! Great one of your hubby & I would love the recipe for that pasta dish!

Esthermay said...

Could your husband speak to my husband about the gift of pots. As *unromantic* as these appear, I would LOVE some new pots.
... I have a shot of sexy husband doing dishes. It's in the waiting for a day I am *dry*
Do men realize how attractive they are when they do housework??????
I don't think they do.
Thank you for sharing your life. Nice pictures!

sara said...

Loved the pictures!!!

You must have had a wonderful time at the retreat to not think about any pictures at glad it was great!

LOVE the pic of you hubby doing dishes!!!!

And the girls in the rocking chair....priceless!!

can't wait to hear about all your shopping finds!!!

Sara@i.Sass said...

Ya'll are doing so good with your pictures!
I have failed. I refuse to take picture after picture of messes. Because not a day goes by where I'm not cleaning something up!
That or a get really excited of the bargins I find shopping...

Nise' said...

Pretty pans! I woke up to a cleaned up kitchen this morning and boy is my Love Tank full!

Lisa said...

I gotta agree with all the girls. Men are very sexy when involved in housework. The dishtowel thrown over the shoulder just adds to the attraction. :)

That dish looks very yummy. Maybe you could post the recipe for us.

You must have been having fun at the retreat to not have taken any pictures. Hope you came back encouraged!

Muss Musings said...

Oh my gosh, I think I made that same recipe on Wednesday. It's a "Real Simple" favorite! I love the plaque you made, so cute!

Audrey and Company said...

Your Love sign is spectacular! I already knew you were super talented, but you never cease to amaze me. Love it!

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait for the pasta recipe. I'll be looking for it!

Men are sexy when they wash dishes. Too bad it's not that often, for my hubby anyway! The pots are gorgeous, will he help cook too?

The sign is lovely. You did an amazing job!

Becky said...

I need some new pans....I like the red one. I love when kids are being quiet AND good. I had a pic of My Love doing dishes last week. Its universal sexiness. ;-)

Kim said...

Yeah, nothing sexier than a man with dishpan hands :-) I'm the same way, I take my camera but am having too much fun to actually use it. Fun photos this week. Nice set of pans, too, by the way. Love the red!

Casey said...

You totally rocked that hat. ;-)