Friday, February 20, 2009

is there yogurt in heaven?

i was putting colby to bed a couple nights ago and he asked me,
colby: "is there yogurt in heaven?"
me: "well, colby, i dont know if we eat in heaven (i wanted to say 'the baptists will, because when do we ever have a church event where theres not food?' he wouldnt get that joke, though.)....actually the Bible does talk about a banquet, so i guess there will be food. probably all the stuff you like; yogurt, cheese, apple juice.
colby: "are there houses in heaven?"
me: "yes. we each get our own."
colby: "and bathrooms?"
me: (humor him) "sure."
colby: "and toilets?"
me: "hmm. i don't think we'll have to use the potty in heaven."
colby: "but if theres apple juice we'll have to!!"
makes perfect sense. i couldn't argue.

last weekend we went to a mexican food restaraunt for lunch and the kids got grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries. we took home the leftovers and i reheated them the following day for their dinner. i personally wouldnt have touched the reheated soggy fries, but kids, at least my kids, will eat fries in pretty much any condition. just for the record, i reheated everything in the oven in an attempt to crisp it all back up. so i gave them each a plate with half a sandwich and some fries and colby clasping his hands together in excitement and sitting up on his knees, exclaimed, "it all looks so delicious!! i don't know where to start!"
how is it that i can spend an hour preparing a fabulous meal and get virtually no reaction (no good reaction), but i reheat a mexican food restaraunt grilled cheese and soggy fries and you'd think i just served him a giant plate of candy, or in adult terms a 5 star filet?
at any rate, i was laughing too hard to be offended.

ok one more and i'm done...

last night i was putting colby to bed, and i was kind of in a hurry because i was heading to rehearse with the worship leader for the womens reatreat this weekend. we did the usual routine, but i didnt lay with him, which a lot of times i dont, but occasionally i will if i know i wont fall asleep while doing so. :)
he was holding on to me super tight and saying,
colby: "i want you to stay! i want you to stay!"
me: "colby, i have to go sweetheart."
colby: "but i want you to lay with me!"
me: "i know you do, but i need to go to miss traceys house to sing. i'll be home soon and i'll come in and lay with you for a little bit then."
he started crying. i mean really crying, not just whining to get his way.
colby: (through tears) "mommy, friendship is like a flower. you have to care for it to make it grow! you're my friend!"
me: (doing my very best to not completely crack up in his state of distress) "you're my friend too, colby, and i love you very much. i'll see you when i get home."
colby: "ok. bye bye."

i love that kid.


sara said...

I so wish that blogging had been around when my kids were young!!! These are the wonderful things that happen that you never want to forget....but you you have something to always remind you....sweet!

Uncommon Blonde said...

That is too cute. "Friendship is like a flower" - where did he hear that? They repeat everything!

laura said...

Sarah still asks me to lie down with her... usually it's because she doesn't want to get up and she knows that I'm a sucker for "Lie down with me for just a few minutes, Mommy." When she calls me "Mommy," it's all over but the crawling in bed. I'm not kidding myself, she's almost 15, she won't be asking me to do that much longer-I'm surprised she still is. I'm taking advantage every single time she asks. If you look at her closely, you will see a look of complete satisfaction on her face, knowing that she has me (and usually her dad) wrapped around her little finger Oh well...

LuAnn said...

I love the stories about Colby. He
sounds just like my Phil when he was little. Full questions.