Sunday, February 1, 2009

project 365, week 5 (i think)

i am going on minimal sleep having just come out of disciple now weekend. i spent the whole weekend at someone else's house with 6 freshman girls, doing bible studies and mission projects. i'm tired. if some of this doesn't make sense, i apologize. :) and this may be the most boring post ever. my pictures are pretty boring this week, and the 'captions' are even worse. and i don't even have a picture for sunday. i was consumed with getting my bible studies prepared for the weekend, so the picture taking kind of took a backseat to other things. i'll be better next week. promise.
SUNDAY, Jan. 25th
no picture. i'm a loser.
MONDAY, Jan. 26th
this is lame picture #1. i got a pretzel after i got done with my grocery shopping. i thought the cup was funny at the time, now i don't. however, this picture is worlds better than the other pictures i took that day.

TUESDAY, Jan. 27th
my friend leah and i took our kids to the bob bullock museum and the imax. the glasses are almost bigger than they are. this is colby and his bff evan.

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 28th
this is what colby does with his barrel of monkeys. lame picture #2

THURSDAY, Jan 29th
this is the day i met allens mom in giddingd to give her the kids for the weekend. i thought this was too cute. waiting for mimi. notice molly's princess skirt.

FRIDAY, Jan. 30th
the d-now curriculum this year was THE CHAIR: time to get out of yours. it was awesome!

SATURDAY, Jan. 31st
this is my group in the car on our way to the worship service saturday night.


sara said...

what are you talking about....I don't think those are lame at all!! So cool that you are doing D-now with those girls. What an impact I am sure you are having in their lives!!!

Elizabeth said...

You pictures are NOT lame. It looks like they are a perfect glimpse into your week. My son does the same thing with his barrel of monkeys and the princess skirt is classic!

p.s. I'm a pretzel snob too!

Casey said...

You should see the picture my sister posted of you on Facebook from D-Now. I won't lie. It's not good. But you are! I love your blog.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

From one pretzel snob to the next ... nice to meet you.