Monday, August 17, 2009

definitely a monday

the morning started out pretty normal; breakfast then the gym.
today was colbys first day of school, homeschool to be exact. he technically isnt school age (he turns 5 in october so actually has another year before hes supposed to start), but he's so stinkin smart and he wants to learn, so i'm starting kindergarten with him this year.
the reading and Bible lessons were great, but when we started the handwriting he started sssttttaaaaallllliiiiiiinnnnngggggg.
let me interject here that he has been super excited about starting 'school with mommy', however when the handwriting lesson was taking too long in his opinion (because he was stalling), he looked at me and said, "this isnt as great as i thought it was going to be."
we got through it though, and successfully i would say. i'm looking forward to wednesday when we pull the books out again.
then, for the sake of all who would come within smelling distace of me today, i went to take a shower. i started the water and my phone rang. it was my sweet friend lauren who i hadnt talked to in a week (we were both on vacation), so i answered it and we proceeded to catch up.
i forgot the shower was on.
i dont know what made me remember, but 20 minutes later, i did.
upon exiting the surprisingly still hot shower, i realized i had neglected to shave my left leg. my right leg? smooth. i didnt feel like getting back in so i just made sure to not allow anyone to touch my left leg today (i get requsts all the time. you?).
at 12:30 colby was hungry. i ate before i showered (probably while the water was running with no one to clean), but somehow managed to overlook feeding my son. his lunch? peanuts. thats what he wanted. fine. its protein. and.....fiber? whatever, it could be worse.
friday my kids' lunch was a less than stellar grocery store donut, eaten in the cart while i shopped to fill our pathetically bare fridge. so, i'm thinking peanuts are definitely a step up on the 'whats appropriate for lunch' list.

the day got better. we got all our errands run and had a great time. we even met some friends for a starbucks pick-me-up and they went shopping with us.

why is it that the crazy things always happen on mondays? does anyone else share my sentiment?


Dawn said...

Reading your post, only one thing came to mind... the truly southern thing to say...

"Well, bless her heart."


Amy said...

Well. . .at least you didn't leave anyone at Starbucks. . .right?

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)