Saturday, August 8, 2009

project 365, week 32

mom, molly, and myself spent the first half of the week at the beach; our first 'girl trip'. we had such a great time. no agenda, nowhere we had to be. those are the best kind of vacations. we ate great food, did some shopping, and soaked up some sun (in a very 50spf kind of way).
colby spent the week at mimis in houston (molly will have her week pretty soon).
they did this last summer, but it really affected molly this time. she cried for him, asked for him, and was pretty much in a funk all week without her brother. no fun for us in that capacity, but i know colby had a great time at mimis house.
on the upside, we're very close to being potty trained.
actually i've personally been potty trained for several years now. i meant molly. those of you that have been down the potty training road understand why i use "we". can i get a witness?
anyway, so that should be an interesting obstacle this week on our family vacation; pull-up or no pull-up? that will be the question at hand.

SUNDAY, august 2nd
papa and mimi came to hear allen preach and then took colby back to houston with them. molly was of course upset, so her consolation prize, if you will, from mimi was a small build-a-bear of sorts. it did the trick.

MONDAY, august 3rd
to galveston we go, to galveston we go.....
after we checked into our hotel, we went to the strand, a touristy shopping district. outside one of the restaurants was this very large chess set. molly played with it for quite awhile. although none of us had a clue about chess, so she just kind of clumped different pieces together.

TUESDAY, august 4th
beach day! we were out from about 9am till about 4pm. i'm the only one that managed to get sunburned despite the 50spf, or 'flannel shirt in a can' as my mom lovingly refers to it.

WEDNESDAY, august 5th
on the way home we stopped in brenham to tour the blue bell ice cream factory. we missed the last tour of the day, but the $1 bowl of ice cream made it all ok.

THURSDAY, august 6th
double date with some friends down to south congress in austin for 'first thursday'.
stores stay open late, vendors selling all kinds of stuff (we even saw glass bongs and pipes-only in austin) out of tents, live music, delicious food. we had a really good time.
there was a fairly good size group of people standing along both sides of the sidewalk (so you had to walk between them) holding signs that said 'free hugs'. i had to have a picture...but i passed on the hug. weird.

FRIDAY, august 7th
our last night with just mo. she wanted a donut and pizza. in that order.
theres a new organic environmentally friendly pizza place up the street i've been wanting to try, and it just happens to be next door to dunkin donuts. does anyone else see the irony?
so while i waited for our pizza, allen and molly walked next door and got a donut, which she ate first, followed by 2 slices. i love her.

SATURDAY, august 8th
its was a little cooler today. i think it only hit 99 degrees. i guess molly couldnt handle the temperature drop. she spent the last half of the day in mittens and her winter hat.
check out saras blog for more pictures!


Casey said...

Ok, first of all, was the chess set big enough to make you think of the one in Harry Potter?

Secondly, I totally would have gone in for the hugs. But you probably knew that. ;-)

Christine said...

Looks like a great week. I love the chess set. We'd probably be stuck playing that for the rest of the day! Very fun.
I agree with you on the hugs. Nice, but a little strange. I would have skipped it too.
Oh, and how was the organic pizza?

sara said...

my kids would have loved the giant chess set!! We would have been playing all day and pretending we were in a harry potter movie!

We have a first Thursday here in LR to down in an area called the heights...very fun!

the hat and mittens.....cute!

fransmomma said...

the chess set was not as big as it looks in the picture; i was down on the ground when i took it. the largest piece came up to my knee.

christine-the organic pizza was yummy! we'll def eat there again.

Kim said...

Oh my word, I always get such a kick out of your commentary to go along with the photos :-) You got some great shots this week too! Love the one of Molly in hats and mittens as she braved the cooler temps. hahahaha

Blue Bell in any flavor is my favorite! Well, except for maybe Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia. Hard to beat that :-)

Love the idea of a "girls only" vacation. On our next furlough I'm going to see if I can't get the female relatives in my family together for just that kind of thing!

Lisa said...

YES! Potty training is every bit a "we" effort. My very least favorite part of parenting thus far.

The hat and mittens...where do they come up with these things??

Glad you girls had fun...special times!

So, theres no "story" behind the hugs thing?

Dena said...

Potty training our twins was so exhausting. I remember literally dancing for joy when they went all day the first time in "big girl panties".

The hat and mittens - way too cute!

Esthermay said...

LOVE that chess set. I'd like one for my front yard.
That pink croc looks familiar :-)
“Free Hugs” signs? Yes. Weird.

rita said...

Photos & narrative, great!
Molly is a cutie!
Chess, my guys would be playin' serious games.
SIL, Kim, great idea for next furlough! Can't wait!

skoots1mom said...

cute pics...
i thought of HP too for the chess pieces

Haley said...

what about Mollys sleepover with Aunt Haley?? that wasnt in there...bummer...i did take a pic of her and Daisey i need to send over!!