Saturday, August 15, 2009

project 365, week 33

we took our family vacation this week. nothing fancy. we just went down to san antonio for a few days and hit some of the hot spots down there. for the lowdown and a ridiculously adorable video of molly, check out the post right before this one.
heres our week...

SUNDAY, august 9th
we were invited to lunch by some people from church. they're fabulous people with amazing kids (in our youth ministry). i look up to dawn as a mom, a wife, a leader in the womens ministry, a fabulous decorator, and a fellow blogger (hey, girl!). their son plays tenors in the marching band and he pulled them out and gave us a little demonstration. i played percussion for a few years myself back in the day, so i loved hearing his mad skills! :)

MONDAY, august 10th
vacationing we will go. today was the san antonio zoo. i actually have a great picture of a rhino i was going to post in honor of my husband...not that hes a rhino; they're his favorite animal. but it was giving me trouble...the picture, not the husband. so you get pelicans instead.

TUESDAY, august 11th
sea world. love it.

WEDNESDAY, august 12th
we took the kids to schlitterbahn for the first time. we had so much fun.
i cant wait till they're a little older and can really ride everything...and not be exhausted by 4pm.
i just realized he's running. "no running!! you'll fall and bleed!"

THURSDAY, august 13th
we spent the afternoon at my parents house. they hadnt seen the kids in a few days and were leaving friday for a get away. i love the way my mom decorates. this dress form is in her bedroom (which is decorated kind of beach-y in a shabby chic kind of it?) with a grass skirt on it. not sure if she added the shells herself. she probably did, because thats the kind of thing she thinks of. if i did that it would look ridiculous, but she can make anything work.

FRIDAY, august 14th
the kids and i did a super fun art project today; the messy, no clothes, must be done in the backyard kind of art project.

SATURDAY, august 15th
as if we didnt do enough swimming this week, we went to the pool this afternoon. isnt the sky beautiful? and hot looking? it was still 100 degrees at 7 o'clock this evening. if you want to be outside, swimming is pretty much your only sane option.
i took this picture with my phone...i guess thats why theres a white border around it???

molly heads off tomorrow for her week at mimis. colby and i will have to find some fun 'big kid' stuff to do while shes gone.

have a great week!!!


Kim said...

What a fun week! Love the photos of the messy art project too :-) Is that water coming out of that pole thingy in the last photo?

Have a great week with Colby!

LuAnn said...

What a fun week. Your art project looks like what we use to do with shaving cream with the kids when they were little.

TCKK said...

Looks like a lot of fun to me. Anytime swimming's involved it's gotta be fun!

Dawn said...

Okay... so you caught us (me!) on a good day, with everyone on their best behavior! LOL Thank you for your sweet words. And for the record, I think you rock at being a mom - way more relaxed about things than I was when my kids were the age of your's. And, your kids are awesome munchkins. We really enjoyed having them here and I thoroughly enjoyed Colby's "up close" conversations - so cool to get a snuggle from a little guy again.

Love all the pictures this week (shaving cream and food coloring, I'm guessing?) and especially the video of Molly and the corndog. We've all laughed over our repeated viewings!

The band is doing a friends and family viewing of their opening act at the school stadium this Thursday evening at 8:00. (Will be like a 15 minute "show" at most.) I don't know if that would mess up your bedtime routine, but wanted to let you know in case you think it might be something Colby would enjoy seeing.

Lisa said...

When I saw it in your header, I guessed it to be play doh all mixed together. But then I saw Colby didn't have too many clothes on, so I thought it might be something messier.

Looks like you all had a nice couple days away. Its great that you are able to do so many fun get-aways!