Saturday, August 1, 2009

project 365, week 31

i have been in a mucus funk this week. i started feeling really crummy saturday morning-ish, but felt a little better sunday, so i thought i had shaken it off. turns out i had just powered through it for the sake of having to sing in church sunday morning. when i got home from church that afternoon i was wiped out.
monday morning i thought working out might help me feel better. bad call. i came home, crawled into bed (leaving my children with the run of the can imagine, i'm sure), and didnt get our again until tuesday morning, and it was only to move to the couch.
fortunately i have a fantastic family and a mom and memaw that live in town and can help with the kids when such things happen (thanks, ya'll).
after that its been a little better each day, but i'm still not 100%. the crazy sinus pressure is lingering. no fun.
at least i've rejoined civilization. thats good news for everyone. :)
tomorrow allens preaching and his mom and stepdad are coming to hear him, then taking colby back to h-town with them for the week. mom, myself, and molly leave monday for 3 days in galveston; our first 'girl trip'!! i'm excited to have that time with both of them! hopefully it will produce some good pictures and even better memories.

SUNDAY, july 26th
the kids found my tap shoes and we all took a turn with them. i've got the fever......must. do. a. show. soon.

MONDAY, july 27th
this was really all i could take a picture of. i spent pretty much the whole day right here.

TUESDAY, july 28th
the obligatory potty training picture. apparently, washing hands takes priority over putting her panties back on.

WEDNESDAY, july 29th
my friend leah and her kids evan and ruth (my kids' best friends) came over and we loaded up and drove about 40 minutes away to cabelas, a sportsmans supercenter-dream-come-true. why on earth would we take our children there? for the turkey nightlights of course. who wouldnt want a night light that looks like a turkey? really.
ok, really....
there are 4 areas of once-alive-but-not-so-much-now animals displayed in their 'natural habitat' as though they were alive and right there in front of you. theres also a walk through aquarium full of freshwater fish (the kids love it!). its like going to a natural history museum where you can have lunch and buy a rifle if you feel so inclined.
but seriously. a turkey night light?

THURSDAY, july 30th
allen took the day off, and we were going to take the kids swimming. however God had other plans and made it rain!! sweet, sweet rain! colby has been wanting to go to innerspace caverns for weeks, but we were going to wait until molly had her week at mimis to take him. i went to the website on a whim that morning and saw that molly is free, so we decided to go ahead and go that afternoon. our timing was a little off so molly was tired, therefore not really in the best of moods to spend an hour and a half walking through a dark muddy cave. colby really enjoyed it though, and the experience was overall a success.

FRIDAY, july 31st
i started reading this book on tuesday. i think kristin chenoweth is amazingly talented (she was the original galinda in 'wicked' on broadway), but i was disappointed in her biography. it was very well written, but i lost some respect for her as a person. shes still crazy talented, though.

SATURDAY, august 1st
lunch at zpizza after some outlet mall coupon shopping (colby needed new shoes in every category! that kid is growing!!). molly was gracious enough to allow colby a sip of her lemonade.
have a blessed week!!


sara said...

so sorry you are sick!! Isn't it amazing how we still can get pictures? true commitment!!!

love the potty picture!!!

I think kristin chenoweth is so talented!! I think I will skip the book....I don't want to know what she did! ha!

Dena said...

Sorry you were sick this week, my son had about the same thing you had, and he still is battling a bit of a sinus headache.

The caverns trip sounds fun! Oh and we have a Cabela's a couple of hours from us we've driven to. You're right, it's an interesting place...and my guys love it.

Kim said...

Keep working on getting better! Why does it seem summer colds are worse than ones you get in winter?

Seeing those shoes brought back memories of the summer between 5th - 6th grade when my friend and I kept putting on shows for the neighborhood :-) She was a tap dancer and had tons of outfits from recitals, and I was a skater and had outfits from shows at the rink... we called ourselves The Groovy Grapes. LOL That was in 1970.

Not a fan of dark, dank places but everyone should visit some caverns at least once in their life. Amazing places! You got an awesome photo from your trip.

Have a great week and hope you get back to 100% soon!

TCKK said...

Hope your feeling better now! I love the potty training photo and your children sharing the drink!!!

Lisa said...

The bum picture is so cute. I know exactly what happens when the kids get the run of the house! Glad you are feeling better for the girls trip.

Liz said...

Sorry you got sick...but you still got great photos! Sara had a bed photo too...and I did a few weeks ago. Love the tap shoes, but I would make sure all the stuffiness is gone before you start tapping! :)

Esthermay said...

First – Hurray for fantastic family!!
Tap Shoes: would make a great shot for a dance studio website :)
Bed photo: WAiT! Someone else took a picture of their bed this week. LoL
Potty Shot: Hide/delete that before she turns [about 13] Yikes!!!
Cabella’s YEA!!!!

Casey said...

I felt the same way about Cheno's book. But man, she can still sing.

rita said...

Already trying to fill mom's shoes, and big shoes they are!
All good shots!
Do take care and get to feeling better!