Saturday, August 29, 2009

project 365, week 35

i think i need "a look". i hesitate to say "new look" because in order to have a 'new look' you have to have had an 'old look'. i've wanted to get a blog design for, well about a year; thats how long i've been blogging. maybe i'll ask for one for my anniversary present....its coming up at the end of the month (no thats not a hint, allen. i'm thinking out loud...or whatever kind of thinking this is). i've entered countless contests with no luck. its just not something i want to spend money on. i'd rather have a new shirt or go on a date with my husband. but i see other peoples cute blogs and i have blog envy. i blame you, sara, with your cute red door, and music notes, and bible/coffee mug pictures. i'm kidding. kind of. ;-)
oh, well. you'll find out what i've decided to do around the end of september. our anniversary is on the 22nd. you'll be waiting on pins and needles until then, i'm sure.
we had some good rain this week. a crazy wild storm blew in wednesday night, taking our electricity and one of our trees with it. right as i was putting the kids to bed, the power went out and they both freaked out and wouldnt let me out of their sight, even with candles lit and flashlights in hand. they were up till about 1030 that night. the next morning i woke up to find a large pear tree in our backyard uprooted and tossed against the fence. our back neighbors fence was knocked down flat and many others in our neighborhood lost sections of fences and chunks of shingles off their roofs. another storm came thru thursday night, but it wasnt nearly as bad.
our tree got hauled off today, and we may look into having a roof put over our deck to provide the shade that the tree no longer can.
the second week of homeschool went really well, even with molly here. she sat and listened to the stories or looked at her own book while i was working with colby. i think we're going to be just fine.
potty training has been put on hold. she was doing really well for about 2 weeks, then she started having multiple accidents a day, and i have better things to do than clean up pee all day. if it was a matter of her not 'quite getting it' or 'still learning to know the signals' it would be one thing, but she just doesnt have time to stop what shes doing and use the bathroom. grr. i'm not going to stress over it though. colby was 3 & 1/2. i'll start stressing in a year.

time for pictures!

SUNDAY, august 23rd
the last sunday before promotion to new classes next week. tori and i took our girls down to south austin for lunch and shopping. a few of them got these crazy mustaches in a costume shop and wore them the rest of the afternoon.

MONDAY, august 24th
i had to take colby to the e.r. saturday night because he had been having trouble breathing all day, and his nebulizer treatments werent working. i called the after hours line and the pediatrician told me to take him in because the only way he was going to get any relief was by getting a steroid in his system. monday he was still coughing so i took him in to the office. they started him on a 5 day steriod treatment. the last treatment was yesterday and hes fine now thank the Lord. i cant let him do anything when hes coughing like that.

TUESDAY, august 25th
molly wanted to get out and swim in the kiddie pool.
colby didnt want to join her, but he was willing to fill the pool.

WEDNESDAY, august 26th
this is good to know. i might assume someone driving a zebra striped car was taking some kind of hallucinogen, but since theres a sign right there on the window, i'm no longer concerned.

THURSDAY, august 27th
our sad fallen tree

FRIDAY, august 28th
a trip to old navy yields a new friend for mojo. look, shes still sporting the glamorous white sock/ruby slipper combo.

SATURDAY, august 29th
we (and i do mean we. i helped.) cleaned out the garage today. i can park my giant suburban in there...for now.

have a splendid week!!


Dawn said...

We've got a guy that does fabulous work - at unbelievable prices. He was the building supervisor for our builder and has since gone out on his own. He put the cover on our patio and was also our sub for busting up all the tile and carpet in our house and laying the hardwood. I guarantee you won't beat his prices. Let me know if you want his name and number to get an estimate. We highly recommend him!

Again, sorry 'bout your tree. That's truly, truly sad!

Lovin' the ruby-red, sparkly shoes!

Guess what my word verifiation is??? bling

Seriously!!! LOL

Dena said...

aaww poor little ER visitor. :( All 3 of my kids have asthma and I've sat through many neb treatments too. Steroids are always fun the way they allow you the good times of peeling your child off the ceiling. ha!

LuAnn said...

Great pictures this week - Glad COlby is doing better too.

sara said...

I can take the blame!!! I have been trying to get my blog to look like "me" for so long. I finally asked Jackie for help....I am so glad I did!!! it was well worth the price!!!

Love the mustaches!!! that is a great picture.

so sorry for the ER visit...and being on steroids is not fun. glad he is better!

We've lost a few trees around here this summer due to storms too.

great week!!!

Kim said...

Sorry about your tree. Glad 2nd week of homeschooling went well -- always cause for rejoicing :-) Molly's glamorous white socks/ruby slippers is so typical of that age. LOL My daughter was the same way. Only her socks didn't always match -- until I started buying ONLY white ones :-) Good job on the garage! Out of 11 years at the parsonage, I was able to park my car in the garage over one winter and part of another and that's all.

Have a great week!

Lisa said...

What a bummer about your was big! Molly still has the shoes but I noticed Colby in the boots, too. You are an old pro now with TWO weeks of schoolnder your belt. Happy to hear the good report.

Justin said...

With that tree down. you have plenty of room for a tetherball pole. I'm just sayin...

rita said...

Good job mom, teacher, nurse, Jackie of ALL trades!
I say don't worry about your blog, the header is already very unique!