Thursday, August 13, 2009

family vacation

we had a fabulous vacation!!

monday we went to the san antonio zoo. some friends met us down there and we spent the day together. tuesday we went to sea world, saw a few shows, rode some rides, and spent about an hour at the waterpark. wednesday we went to schlitterbahn in new braunfels. so. much. fun. the majority of our time was spent in the kiddie pool areas (which are fantastic), but we rode some rides there too. the great thing about schlitterbahn is there are no height requirements on the rides, so it was up to us what we wanted to let our kids try. they rode some pretty big stuff. strap those life jackets on and they're good to go-especially colby. hes a pretty good little swimmer for a 4 year old with no lessons.

anyway, we had an absolute blast and the hotel was fantastic. it always helps to have a nice place to come back to when the day is done. when i asked colby what his favorite was he said, "everything!!!" i think thats a great answer.

heres a video of mojo falling asleep on the way home from schlitterbahn. we had stopped almost immediately for some dinner, knowing we were on borrowed time before we lost her. we were almost too late....

the girls on the train at the zoo...

...and the guys.

we got to see the fish feeding at sea world. this diver had a mic in his scuba mask so he could talk to us as he was feeding. colby was riveted; he's been saying for 2 years he wants to be a diver when he grows up.

sea world on tuesday. that poor penguin must be terribly hot, and i've heard thats not good for penguins.

brushing their teeth has never been so much fun!!! it must be the fancy mirror.

the obligatory hotel lobby picture.

colby going down one of the 'kid' slides. he was bored with it after a few times. he wanted to ride 'the big stuff'!

the turtle slide at schiltterbahn. not that water is not shooting out of her head.


Dawn said...

How fun!!!

Love the video of Molly. (We've had kids fall asleep mid-meal, too, but never in the car.) My favorite part was her feeble attempts to smile at you a few times. It was like just the effort to lift the corners of her mouth was too much! LOL

Good memories created!!!

sara said...

what a great time!! The video was so funny!!! When kids get tired, there's not much stopping it. I can remember so many times trying to get my kids to stay awake!!!

Liz said...

That video of Molly is "Americas Funniest Home Videos" worthy! I would definitely vote for that one to win some money! Looks like you guys had a great trip!