Saturday, August 22, 2009

project 365, week 34

molly was with her mimi this week, so colby had me all to himself. we had a great time.
i used the opportunity to start school with him this week. there were some bumos in the road, but overall it went very well, and i look forward to what the year holds.
we'll see how this week goes with molly here....fingers crossed.
the pictures arent very exciting or artistic this week. i even have one picture twice...sort of.

SUNDAY, august 16th
i took molly to mimis. i actually took her to aunt nitas house in waco (thats mimis sister and she was there visiting for the week). traffic was awful there and back. i hate seeing brake lights on the interstate!

MONDAY, august 17th
colbys first day of school!! here are some of the books we're using.

TUESDAY, august 18th
mom took colby and i to hamilton pool. its a sink hole with a natural spring that keeps it full. you have to hike 1/4 mile down to it, then of course back up when you're done swimming. it was so much fun. we may take our friends later in the week!

WEDNESDAY, august 19th
i went to IKEA to browse the organizational options for the kids' rooms. we have a toy nightmare. plus i'm wanting to move all the toys out of the playroom and into their respective places (mollys room or colbys room), and get a table and chairs where colby and i can sit and do his school work. the only pictures i took this day were of the things i found at IKEA, so i could report back to allen.

THURSDAY, august 20th
WICKED round two! after seeing it in san antonio in june, i bought tickets so i could take my dad for his birthday (its here in austin now). what was neat, though, was a friends of ours had 2 extra tickets, so she sold them to allen for a bargain and allen took colby. we all really enjoyed it! this is me and my daddy before the show.

FRIDAY, august 21st
busy day! molly came home, surprise college graduation party for a dear friend of ours that afternoon, then on to dinner at some friends' house. i didnt even think about pictures till it was almost dark, so all i got was molly swimming after dinner.

SATURDAY, august 22nd
woohoo!!! project reorganize! after a family trip to IKEA, we came home and allen spent the next 3 hours building everything we bought while i gutted the kids' rooms to prepare them for their new toy bins. we got one of these for each of the kids, a small toy box for all mollys dress up clothes, and a table with 4 chairs to put in the playroom (i guess we'll have to rename it since there arent any toys in there anymore!). i will sleep so good tonight knowing everthing has a place. my soul is at peace. :) does this picture look familiar?? (see wednesday)

have a fabulous week!!!


Darla said...

love that IKEA storage!

Esthermay said...

One of my biggest fears is being sideswiped by a semi. That picture just scares me!!

Are you using Sonlight. I think we have some of those books.

LOVE IKEA! I’ve only window-shopped myself and oooh-ahh’d on the website. Wondering why I never see IKEA in garage sales . . . Hmmmmmm.

LuAnn said...

I don't know about this IKEA store but looks great. Love the colors of the bins with your walls.
Colby and you looked like you had a fun week.
The expressway freaks me out with those huge trucks. Always afraid I am going toget sucked under one.
Have a great school week!

sara said...

I have been swimming at that sink hole!!!

Love, love, LOVE IKEA! Wish there was one close to me!!

and of course, Wicked..the best!

Lisa said...

I'll be anxious to hear how school goes for you.

I feel peaceful when everything has a place, too. Those bins look like they'll be easy enough for the kids to toss things in, should be pretty easy upkeep.

The sink hole looks like a blast and well worth the hike. Sometimes that serves in keeping the down!

Keep us posted on school!

skoots1mom said...

we have an ikea...i want to go there!
love your pictures
the sinkhole shot is great!
enjoy ur week
thx 4 sharing!

Dawn said...

I love Ikea, too. And, just so you know - take the kids with you sometime and get there about 15 minutes before the doors open. They'll let you into the "lobby" area and you can have free cookies! I used to do that with Kat when she was little (when we lived in Chicago) and she always thought it was so cool to get free cookies.

Kim said...

You have your daddy's smile :-) That's so neat you all got to go.

Nothing makes my heart go pitter patter like great organizational items. LOL My hubby knows I'd rather have that than flowers any old day!

And IKEA is my favorite store ever. Seriously, it was the last place we went before leaving for Argentina! If I could have, I'd have brought a whole container of IKEA furniture and things for our house here.

So glad you had a great week, in spite of some bumps in the road. Brings back memories of home schooling my son who was a challenge, to say the least. He had/has what we called a "low boredom threshold" and if he wasn't interested, it was almost impossible to keep him on task. He didn't learn to functionally read until age 8 but was doing double digit addition with carry over by age 5. *sigh* If it's any encouragement, my son went on to finish college (a degree in economics) and is now part owner in a computer business. But boy did I worry the first few years of homeschooling!

rita said...

The sink hole reminded me of the varied and beautiful 'cenotes' in Yucatan.